What to do when you experience teeth pain when biting down

Small pain due to temporary sensitivity in the teeth is common, especially with a vast variation in mouth temperature like drinking cold water, then immediately biting a hot pizza. But if the teeth pain when biting down is persisting every time you bite something, then it is an indication there is something wrong happening. Contact and have a dentist or a GP nearby for emergency cases such as unbearable tooth pain.

Tooth pain resulting from tooth sensitivity can vary in magnitude ranging from dull pain to piercing sharp pain to almost every corner of the teeth. Since pain is a pain, whether it is resulting from pressure sensitivity or when biting down there is a need to visit your dentist for teeth checkup and treatment of any tooth disease causing the pain.

teeth pain when biting downCauses of tooth sensitivity

  • Receding of gums from the tooth
  • Wearing away Enamel
  • Enamel cracking, thus exposing the sensitive dentin underneath
  • Fillings breaking or falling out

Wearing away of the cementum, that is the surface of the root exposes the dentin which is the hardest second layer of the teeth beneath the enamel. This region has nerves and cells which, when exposed causes pain anytime you are sitting down or chewing something relatively hard such as carrots or apples. The irritation can be severe, especially when the enamel has decayed thus exposing nerve cells openly.

Though rare, teeth sensitivity can also result from repeated grinding teeth at night and especially following supper comprising acidic foods and drinks. This is because the acidic content in these foodstuffs reacts with the enamel weakening.

There are other factors that increase the level of tooth pain, especially when you bite down. These factors are:

  • Chewing or breaking hard foods like nuts
  • Brushing teeth wrongly like applying too much pressure or too hard thus damaging the gums
  • Brushing with a very hard-bristled toothbrush
  • Low-quality tooth-whitening products

Always refrain from such factors to help you get teeth pain relief. Consulting your dentist in Bankstown at Dental HQ clinic in case the tooth pain is arising as a result of grinding the teeth will enable them to identify the best treatment option for you.