Implant Dentistry

Case Study – Becky

Becky came in to see us after being involved in a car accident. She was extremely upset as her teeth had fractured and needed to be removed. She dreaded the thought of a denture for the rest of her life and wanted something which felt like her own teeth.

We decided to use dental implants to replace Becky’s missing teeth to give her teeth which felt like her own and which gave her full chewing strength back.

Becky was also nervous about the procedure and decided to have the implants placed under sedation, and she remembers NOTHING about having them placed. Hear her fantastic story and know that you can also have a smile that not only you are proud of, AND lets you eat anything you want. Get your confidence and chewing power back with dental implants.
In addition to being unsightly, missing teeth can affect the way a person bites and chews. They can also lead to gum disease and problems with general dental hygiene. At Red Sky at The Fountain Health Clinic, we can use dental implants to replace missing teeth with durable, permanent artificial teeth that are shaped and colored to match the teeth around them. Also, if a tooth is badly decayed or broken and cannot be repaired with a dental crown, our dentists can replace it with a sturdy, natural-looking replacement. Implants have been successfully used for decades to replace one tooth, a few teeth or even all of your teeth with natural looking, secure replacements that give you freedom to eat your favourite foods with confidence

Using advanced implant dentistry techniques, we have placed hundreds of dental implants for Doncaster residents and Sheffield, Leeds-area patients.

The Dental Implant Procedure

Do you have one or more missing teeth? How about a denture which you have absolutely no control over and feels like its dancing around as you eat and speak?
How would you like to have something which is permanently fixed in your mouth, which you brush and floss around as you would your natural teeth? How would you like to have something which is so rock solid that you can go to your favourite restaurant and order your favourite meal, rather than just smell it and wonder how good it might taste?

So why should I consider dental implants?
I’m nervous about having an implant placed!!
I’ve been told Im not suitable for implants.
I’ve had teeth missing a long time, can you still help?
What do I need to do?
Why implant dentistry is so effective?

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