Simple Tooth Extraction

Dreaded as it may be, all of us have had to get a tooth extracted. Milk teeth as well as a tooth that has had irreversible damage must be removed so as not to impact the rest of the teeth. There are a number of reasons that would require a tooth to be extracted.  You don’t have to worry so much about losing teeth though as there are now restorative solutions to replace them. To get to know one of them, you can go At read about the DIOnavi procedure, a modern type of dental implant to replace missing teeth.

What to expect in a simple tooth extraction.

First the dentist will have an examination of your teeth to see if the tooth can be saved by any other means. A simple extraction is normally a final solution. If the dentist determines that the tooth has to be extracted, then he will give you an anesthetic. A local anesthetic would normally suffice for a tooth extraction. This limits the pain only to the oral nerves and you will be alert throughout the entire procedure. In very rare crcumstances, the dentist will give you a general anesthetic, which will render you unconscious for the entire procedure. simple tooth extraction

The dentist will then use his forceps to try and rock the tooth to and fro. This helps to loosen the tooth from the jaw bone. If the tooth is very firmly set in place, he may have to remove it in pieces. Once the tooth is out, a blood clot will form over the empty slot. A cotton gauze is set in place. You will gently have to bite it into place. This assists with clotting and stops the bleeding. If there are no complications, recovery normally takes a few days. It would be advisable to avoid taking hot drinks as these will cause you much agony and irritation. Take your pain killers and any other prescribed medication.

In the meantime, continue to brush your teeth and tongue using wam water, but avoid contact with the extraction site. Use a solution of salt water in warm water after the extraction, about half a tea spoon of salt. Use of a mouth wash would be in order. If you are a smoker, do not smoke for the period that you will be healing as this will hamper the recovery process.