Tooth Resorption Treatment

Proper oral care is critical to anybody. What you take through your mouth may either have a positive or negative effect. The effects may not appear immediately, but sooner or later, its impact will be felt. A dentist explains the treatments necessary should there be an occurrence of any teeth problems like tooth resorption.

Tooth resorption is when there is an inflammation and loss of cementum (outer material of tooth) or dentin (inner tissue of tooth). Tooth resorption may happen in 2 ways: internal and external resorption.

1. Internal tooth resorption

When diagnosed with this resorption, it means that the cementum or dentin is being absorbed towards the tooth canal. It’s characterized by inflammation of the outer and inner surface of the tooth. Symptoms to look at when having internal resorption are tooth discoloration, tooth sensitivity, and a slight pink shade on the tooth.
• Trauma resulting from injuries of the tooth
• A bacterial infection that penetrates to the pulp
• Application of tooth bleaching products

2. External tooth resorption

External tooth resorption may have similar symptoms to internal tooth resorption. The only difference is that this will affect the cementum and gum. Signs to look here are inflamed tooth and gum area, tooth sensitivity, and light discoloration of a tooth.
Gum disease resulting from bacterial infection
• Change of teeth structure by braces
• Chemicals applied to the mouth, especially the gum area and tooth.

Tooth resorption treatment tooth resorption treatment

a) Gum surgery becomes an option when the resorption is detected in its early stages. The dentist will conduct a minor gum surgery to extract the cell that is causing the damage.
b) A root canal is another dental option that can save the tooth. The dentist will fill the part that is damaged and seals it.
c) When tooth resorption is detected late after much damage has already occurred, the dentist will have no other option than to extract it.

In conclusion

On the brighter side, a tooth resorption treatment won’t be necessary if you know how to prevent tooth resorption. Ensure that you protect your teeth during sports and practice proper oral hygiene. You can also protect your nose during sports by following some tips from a AU Rhinoplasty Sydney surgeon. Visit the Campbelltown dentist at Available Dental Care for a regular checkup, and such problems will never affect you.