Reasons Why do people get Veneers?

It’s the dream of everybody to have that beautiful smile which when you laugh you’re not afraid of what people might see in your mouth. But, Why do people get Veneers? well, not all of us have been lucky to have a perfect smile. Most people have dealt with or are dealing with at least one dental issue that has been lowering their self-esteem and affecting their confidence. However, your smile can be restored without having to go through surgical procedures but rather using veneers. What’s a veneer? Well, this is a thin porcelain layer that’s made to fit the front surface of the tooth. Sometimes instead of porcelain, a natural-color composite material is used. The question is, Are veneers a good choice? let’s talk about different circumstances that people use veneers.

Tooth discoloration why do people get veneers

There’re some people who have yellowish teeth or dull colored. There’re a lot of factors  that may have contributed to the staining like smoking, drinking wine or coffee and to others, it might have happened naturally. Also, there’re some medical treatments that might have contributed. Veneers help to cover up mild to severe discoloration and at times it’s the only staining option that can’t be fixed with the simple solutions for whitening.

Altered teeth’s shape.

Some people have teeth with different shapes, some are too short while others are too small. Veneers help to solve that problem effectively.


These are issues to do with wide gaps between teeth and irregular arrangements. Veneers help to straighten teeth and cover the gaps within a short time and you only need a dentist to put them.

Chipped and cracked teeth

Sometimes a tooth may break and a chip may be missing which causes a lot of discomforts. At times you may find that you have a cracked tooth and you’re afraid that it may worsen by time. Veneers help to cover them up and prevent the cracks from worsening.