Parents Ask: When Do Kids Lose Their First Tooth?

How should a parent make sure that their kids’ dental hygiene is the priority? In the first few years of showing baby teeth, kids can complain about dental pain. During their early childhood years, they can eat as many chocolates, sweets, and other food that produces more cavities. So, if a parent is not sure if it’s normal for teeth to lose them early, many parents may think cavities cause it. You may also check and visit page for more information about pediatric dentistry. Several clinics have specialists that can help your child gain confidence about their teeth loss. Mainly, a parent should also be aware of when do kids lose their first tooth so they can prevent dental diseases. 



When Do Kids Lose First Tooth? (According To Dentists) 

Commonly, a child may lose their first tooth to make way for new sets of teeth. It is a natural condition since baby teeth (also called primary) grows into adult teeth. The process starts when the bones above the jaw grow into an adult tooth that pushes the primary tooth away. When do kids lose their first tooth? Usually, dental experts say that kids’ teeth are lost around five to seven years old. However, a tooth falling out earlier than the normal age range is also standard. It causes irritation such as teething for kids and maybe a risk factor for dental disease. So, a parent should visit a dental clinic to manage their kid’s oral healthcare. 


Which Teeth Falls Out Early?

The first baby or primary teeth that fall out are the two front bottom teeth at ages four to five years old. The lower central incisors are followed by the two top front teeth or the upper central incisors until the ages ten (10) to twelve (12). Then the rest of the teeth follows lateral incisors, molars, and canines. It is vital for a parent to be careful with their kids’ growth as accidents or dental diseases may cause the developing adult tooth to grow into malocclusion. In case a kid loses their first tooth due to injury or accident, parents should visit an emergency dentist as soon as possible.


What Should Parents Do Next After Teeth Loss?

When Do Kids Lose Their First Tooth

After knowing when do kids lose their first tooth, it may be best to prevent the next permanent set of teeth from falling off as well. A quick X-ray examination will help the parents visualize the areas where the next front, middle, or back teeth may erupt. Losing teeth is typically a sign that a child is maturing. Growing during the young age have many body changes apart from what happens for the erupted teeth.


Manage The Remaining Baby Teeth

Eventually, all baby teeth will become loose and wiggling for the permanent adult tooth to come in. Hence, a parent that wants to avoid cavities and plaque from growing into tooth decay or gum disease should remind their kids about dental care. Show the child how to brush their teeth properly and assist them with their hygiene. A child will need to know how to floss and rinse once they lose the other remaining primary or baby teeth. 


Preparing For Primary Teeth To Grow

Aside from knowing the hygiene routine, it is also vital for kids to have a healthy diet whenever the eruption can start. Losing the front row of upper teeth may need more calcium in their meals as well as vitamin C and D for healthier and stronger bones. You may even ask your pediatric dentist which food and drinks are beneficial for your child’s bones.


Visit A Pediatric Dentist Instead Of A General Dentist

Expertise in dentistry can save not just your kid’s oral health but also the financial costs. A pediatric dentist already knows how to deal with children’s mouth, teeth, and dental diseases. Instead of going to a regular dental clinic, you may want to search for online reviews of pediatric dentistry specialists for children healthcare. A general dentist may not also know how to handle phobia, unlike pediatric dentists whose training and expertise can treat children with these issues. You may also refer to your health insurance company on which clinics have pediatric dentists.


Make Way For Orthodontic Treatments

As mentioned above, many kids are energetic and can experience accidents or injury from school or by playing outside. Hence, when an adult tooth grows into crowding of adjacent bones, it can be hard to align. Children may become anxious about having their first surgical treatment, but it’s better to start early than being late. Furthermore, children are vulnerable to losing the front and back tooth. In order to make way for braces or other typically age-related anxiety, a parent begins their child’s journey by addressing these emotions. Pediatric dentists are also perfect for this job.


Can Adults Also Lose Their Permanent Teeth?

When Do Kids Lose Their First Tooth Pediatric Dentist

Once the age of believing in a tooth fairy fades, the realization of medical importance for adults is crucial. While dental diseases are significant in kids, it can become more prominent for adults. This issue is due to many factors such as stress, unhealthy habits, poor hygiene, and also aging. Unlike how kids lose their first incisors, adults can lose any permanent teeth. Notably, tooth decay is a result of neglected cavities and gum disease symptoms. As an adult, it is just as essential to maintaining proper hygiene and visits to the dentist. A parent’s influence on health awareness as a responsibility contributes to how an adult also practices it. 


How To Prevent Tooth Loss For Kids

Are you avoiding premature tooth loss for your children? If yes, then you should be aware that this age is essentially the guiding factor for their future dental health. Moreover, a parent must ensure the following steps for their children’s healthier bodies.

  • Don’t skip any dentist appointments
  • Always use low fluoride toothpaste until their bones are ready
  • Change their snacks from junk to vegetables and fruits
  • Prevent viral infection by not sharing utensils
  • Gently brush their teeth for two minutes