Tooth implant materials

People who have missing teeth end up with getting  their teeth replaced and many opt for teeth implants. It’s not very surprising as a Sydney dental implant specialists from DDSS is even gaining a very large popularity among different people since they use an innovative technology designed to streamline the process of making implant surgery faster, safer and more accurate. There are different types of tooth implant materials that are available for a patient to choose from and that include;

1.Titanium dental material implants

Titanium implants are the most common types of implants used. This is because the implants made from the titanium metal lasts longer and allows the surrounding bone to grow without any disturbance and as a result being able to create a permanent affinity. Titanium cost of the implant is also cheaper as compared to the other types of implant materials.

2. Zirconia dental material implants

Zirconia is one of the recent dental implants discoveries introduced as an alternative in dental implantology. Zirconia implants appear to be much suitable for implant on a patient because of it’s tooth-like color, it’s mechanical properties and low plaque affinity.

3. Porcelain crown for dental implants tooth implant material

The use of porcelain implants is one of the best method of teeth replacement. This is because porcelain crowns have the ability to blend well with the natural teeth resulting in a completely new natural appearance. The use of porcelain is also durable and offers a pleasing look to the dental patient.

4.Ceramic dental implants

Ceramic implants have a mono-type dental design. They are more likely to get small cracks but the good news is that it is much simpler to repair them. Patients who choose ceramic are also likely to gain a more natural look and a good smile.

In conclusion, choosing the most suitable type of tooth implant material is very important to a patient. This will, in the long run, boost the patient’s self-esteem and confidence when smiling.