Is Teeth Whitening Painful

Is Teeth Whitening Painful

If you are planning to whiten your teeth, it’s the high time to ask someone, even an expert, “is teeth  whitening painful?” Most experts will tell you that teeth whitening is not something that you can joke around with.

After whitening your teeth, be ready to experience some discomfort or pain. This is usually as a result of the sensitivity that comes with teeth whitening. You see, you want to achieve a beautiful smile that will help boost your self-confidence. In fact, your teeth will eventually look great, but the pain that you will experience will make you question whether it’s worth the beautiful smile.

The best thing about teeth whitening is that despite the great pain, it doesn’t permanently damage your teeth. The pain doesn’t even last for long. This means that a long-lasting teeth whitening sensitivity dictates that something is actually wrong, and you need to consult your dental expert.

But you can still avoid the pain that comes with teeth whitening. Most people, especially those using home teeth whitening kits are likely to experience pain. This is due to the fact that these kits are featured with hydrogen peroxide, which causes the pain. In order to avoid this pain, be keen to do the following;

Find kits that feature lower peroxide level. It’s now evident that the pain caused by teeth whitening is as a result of high peroxide levels. It’s therefore important to stick to the products whose peroxide range from 5% to 6%. Also chose the products with a short application period ( about 5 minutes).

Consult your dentist first before trying a new product. Before whitening your teeth, consult your dentist first in order to see the available options. Once you use a product and it becomes painful, do away with it immediately and consult your dental expert for assistance. Don,t let the pain ruin your day.