Recently Treated Root Canal Tooth Hurts With Pressure (6 Causes)

Toothaches, as most people already know, are usually caused by cavities from bacteria that attack the teeth. In many cases, these plaque buildups can penetrate the tooth pulp, making the tooth vulnerable to pain. Even if your dental specialist treats a patient with root canal therapy, many individuals mention root canal tooth hurts with pressure. Boutique Dental Care located in Chatswood, NSW suggests that if you’re feeling a root canal tooth that hurts with pressure days after treatment, revisit the oral care clinic. You need to save your tooth quickly if you want to avoid having a tooth extraction. 


Dentists Explain: What Is Root Canal Treatment? 

When bacteria enter the pulp of a tooth, either by a cavity or a gum disease, it can destroy the tooth’s enamel, dentin, and even the pulp itself. Tooth pain can be excruciating, particularly if you don’t treat the tooth pain immediately. A trustworthy dental service can offer people an urgent care problem such as a broken or cracked tooth. However, not every dentist or dental surgeon can perform specific care such as root canal therapy. How does root canal treatment work? Root canal therapy helps patients with the chipped or cracked tooth to prevent having a bacterial infection. It seals the canals from bacteria that can enter through the roots, cracks, or top of the tooth. 


What Are The Causes Of A Root Canal Tooth That Hurts With Pressure?

Can a root canal service fail? Dental experts train years to complete a full endodontics practice to ensure that all the root canal areas are covered. But, there are instances that not all places can be sealed since they are microscopic or have curves that are hard to fill in. Nevertheless, your dental care provider will rely on X-ray results to better view your problem. Technology today also allows dental specialists to do a procedure without pain in checking teeth. On the contrary, there are still many instances where your root canal tooth hurts with pressure with these issues to ask your endodontist. 


Improper Healing

Root Canal Tooth Hurts With Pressure X ray

The patient can be one of the main reasons why root canal therapy fails. Several unhealed tooth cases happen if you don’t apply pressure from the gauze when the tooth bleeds. At other times, biting on hard food can cause the fillings to leak. Moreover, too cold or hot food can also make you experience discomfort for weeks. A permanent tooth can have other dental problems that can make the pain worse. Ensure that you also don’t touch your crown as any dislocation can expose your pulp into further sensitivity. 


Another Accident Or Injury

Since people don’t know when an accident or injury will happen, especially for athletes, it is best to wear a mouthguard or protective equipment. Your dental professional can also give you sound advice about your accident or injury. An orthodontic expert or an oral and maxillofacial surgeon can also treat your accident better than an endodontist if the damage is severe


Missed Cracks 

A procedure that aims to reduce a cracked tooth syndrome can feel without pain at first. But, this problem can cause one of the common issues in root canal therapy failures. Hence, you may have to receive further retreatment for any crack in case you suspect pain from a few days. Expect to have the infection or discomfort gone after the dentist applied the proper fillings for your treated tooth. 


Leaking Solutions (Fillings Or Sodium Hypochlorite)

Tooth sensitivity is not just because of symptoms of dental disease. Sometimes, the nerve becomes sensitive due to leaks in the sealing ingredients themselves. Sodium hypochlorite is also another cause of pain in the gums and tooth. According to studies, leakage of this chemical substance is rare but may impact your mouth and facial features. An emergency such as leaked fillings must have proper treatment from an endodontist right away. 


Tooth Wasn’t Sealed With A Crown Earlier

Most dental work may have a same – day treatment that can benefit many patients. But, root canal therapy may require you to go back to an endodontist for sealing and placing a crown. The reason being, crowns need to be molded in a laboratory if the dentist doesn’t have the right dental machine. Leaving your tooth exposed to bacteria can cause infection to grow faster and put you into more pain. 


Poor Oral Hygiene

A root canal tooth hurts with pressure if you’re not careful in cleaning the area where the procedure took place. So, if you’re flossing or brushing, make sure to be alert with any signs of pain. If you want to get rid of pain easily, you can also try OTC pain killers. Then again, don’t replace your oral hygiene with only taking pain relief. Make sure that you are taking the time to put your hygiene a priority. 


What Happens If You Don’t Treat A Root Canal Tooth That Hurts?

Root Canal Tooth Hurts With Pressure

If the root canal retreatment isn’t a possible solution, your dentist might require a tooth extraction instead. A severe abscess in a tooth can only not cause decay but turn it dead in just a few months. Extraction may take a shorter time than the root canal since there is no pressure in this dental service. After this, a newly removed tooth can heal significantly if the procedure is successful. Regardless of what you’ll choose, you should prepare for your appointment. You can start by asking your health insurance company how much the treatment will cost. On that note, you can also save the pain that your tooth feels by knowing the risk of not going to an endodontist as soon as possible. 


Risks Of Not Going To A Dentist For Tooth Pain:

Are you afraid of going to the clinic or hospital soon? If you are skipping a checkup, you may suffer from the consequences. A root canal with pain due to sensitivity requires an immediate crown to put in. It is risky to leave your dental health in danger of further complications. Once you feel symptoms of pain, it may lead to tension, stress, or headaches. Hence, if you want to prevent pain or pressure in your teeth, visit your dentist for an appointment soon. Check out these risks before going to your clinic.


  • Missing Teeth
  • Further Dental Abscess
  • Loose Teeth
  • Deep Dry Socket Or Alveolar Osteitis
  • Periodontitis
  • Additional head or neck pain