Is Snoring Bad? (Side Effects And Prevention)

Do you often feel restless or feel distracted by your snoring partner? Is it only a habit that men do? Snoring facts can bust myths that surround snoring or sleep apnea. More women, children, older adults and seniors daily suffer from this breathing and sleeping disorder. A doctor from this dental sleep clinic near Essendon, Australia suggests that a person that notices recurring side effects of snoring should visit a dental sleep clinic soon. People that overlook why snoring is bad can suffer from its consequences. So, to maintain a peaceful and relaxing sleep, you should know why is snoring bad for your dental and physical health. 



Why Do People Snore?

According to several sleep doctors and dentists, snoring is common for every individual regardless of their age. Loud noises, gasping for air, and frequent bathroom visits are some of the habits you’ll notice for people that snore frequently. Is snoring bad for you? Probably, you haven’t been too sensitive with how it can affect your loved one or your family members. But, the reason for having obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) can increase your chances of having acquiring branches of other health problems. A general physician can run a diagnostic test to check which factors to consider for your breathing problem. But, you maybe need a specialist like a sleep doctor or a dental professional for the treatment. 


According To Doctors, The Causes Of Snoring Are:

  • Bad habits like drinking alcohol and smoking
  • Obstruction in breathing airways
  • Age
  • Nasal and sinus disease
  • Being obese or overweight
  • Men’s throat structure
  • Later stages of pregnancy
  • Prescription medication side effects


Is Snoring Bad? Are The Consequences Risky?

Is Snoring Bad Throat Doctor

Are you one of those people thinking that snoring is harmless? You may have to think again as there are significant consequences of neglecting a person’s obstructive sleep apnea (also called OSA). Not only can it disrupt your sleep at night, but you can also certainly feel snoring effects every morning. Right away, you can feel depressed, stressed, and anxious from a less peaceful sleep which can harm your mental health. If you know a psychologist’s clinic that can assess sleeping disorders, it may be best to schedule an appointment immediately


Major Side Effects Of Snoring For The Health

Whether or not you have previous knowledge for the question, “Is snoring bad?”, it is vital to read these details about snoring or sleep apnea. Besides, sleep apnea can either be obstructive (caused by a collapse in the airway) or central (brain signals your body to stop breathing). 


Severe Headaches And Migraine

Breathing problems can take away the oxygen that our blood needs. Without the correct amount of oxygen in the bloodstream, it can limit the functionality of the lungs, nasal cavities, and our respiratory system. On the other hand, bacterial infection can also start to grow for people who snore often. The mouth involuntarily opens when people are snoring. So, exposure to bacteria and germs are more frequent for snoring patients. All these issues can lead to severe headaches and migraines that can take a toll when you wake up. 


Heart Diseases

According to the American Heart Association, snoring is bad for the heart. At least one in five adults experience mild sleep apnea per day which also affects heart conditions. There is strong evidence for the connection between cardiovascular diseases and sleep apnea. Cases for hypertension (high blood pressure) in children also saw an increase due to obesity and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). 


Chronic Fatigue

Disruptions when sleeping at night without the right treatment like mouthguards can last for months. So, with people who can become restless during sleep due to insomnia, apnea or bruxism (teeth grinding) may expect to have recurring fatigue. If you can’t relax without snoring at night, it may be time to look for better ways to decrease fatigue.  


Daytime Sleepiness (Can Lead To Accidents)

Is Snoring Bad

A person that snores a lot may have stress, anxiety, and daytime sleepiness that can affect productivity, movement, and may even cause accidents. Snoring affects how our body rests, so a person that didn’t have a peaceful sleep can feel their body becoming week during the day. If you want to have a noninvasive correction for your fatigue and sleepiness, you may want to try massages that involve reflexology, acupuncture, and acupressure from certified professional reflexologists. 


How Can Obstructive Sleep Apnea Patients Prevent Snoring?

The sound of dogs barking at night is not the only cause that you want to prevent before going to sleep. The sign of a throat problem that occurs daily, such as upper vibration in your nose requires treatment. Your dentist can recommend dental appliances like a mouth guard to stop your upper and lower gums from forcing to rub on each other. Also, you can try to change your sleeping position as laying flat on your back can obstruct breathing and exhaling air. Although, you may want to ask for professional dental treatment like using a CPAP machine or correction with behavioral therapy from a psychologist. No matter which option you choose, it’s crucial to prevent snoring from running your life as soon as possible.