How Often Should You Use Whitening Strips? (A Safety Reminder)

Are you deciding to buy a popular brand like Crest whitening strips? You may be seeing a lot of positive reviews from your friends or family. The commercial also sounds convincing to you. But, are teeth whitening strips worth it? You may want to improve your yellow teeth after drinking too much caffeine or wine. It certainly looks professional to have whiter teeth before any meeting or job application, right? Yet, it can be challenging to maintain dental routines. A person must be serious about their oral healthcare. You may want to know how often should you use whitening strips. Similar information can be found here to seal that commitment to pearly, healthy teeth.  Check out Dental 266 Burwood’s website if you want a safer way to whiten your teeth.


Medical And Dental Conditions That Cause Yellow Teeth

A person with yellow teeth may have more than the problem of tooth discoloration. Some diabetes patients may have a higher chance of acquiring unhealthy smiles due to high amounts of sugar in the bloodstream. Lack of saliva or dry mouth may not wash away food debris from a person’s mouth. Check out other medical and dental problems that arise in discolored teeth. 


Nicotine From Tobacco Increases Plaque Buildup

Are you a heavy smoker? If you frequently experience toothache and gum pain, you may be experiencing the effects of nicotine. Tobacco and cigarette smoking has various chemicals and substances that destroy your teeth’ structure. Mainly, nicotine can attack blood vessels and nerves, which cause periodontal or gum disease. 


Frequent Medicine Use Can Change Teeth Color

How Often Should You Use Whitening Strips According To Dentist

Prescription medicine or chemicals found in drugs can also change white teeth into a yellow or darker shade. Some of the medications like antibiotics, antihistamines, and medical rinse are chlorhexidine, tetracycline, and doxycycline, and high blood pressure drugs. It is recommended to brush teeth after 30 minutes to remove the stain on the tooth’s surface.   


You Can Inherit Yellow Teeth

Genetics play a large role in acquiring the shape of the nose, the color of the eyes, and teeth formation. Hence, you can somewhat blame your parents or grandparents for being susceptible to having fewer white teeth or malocclusion. 


Loss Of Enamel And Dentin Due To Age

Age can also affect the production of enamel and dentin in the body. Aging can result in bone loss due to calcium deficiency. Older adults need to increase calcium intake to support their lack of calcium in the body. 


Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

So, you’ve been thinking a lot about enhancing your appearance and are about to buy Crest white strips for faster results. Compared to expensive porcelain veneers, braces, and other restorative dental treatments, whitening strips are definitely less costly. Using whitening strips can significantly improve tooth color into a lighter, whiter shade. Yet, there are many risks in using whitening products with ingredients like bleaching agents. Is it safe to have quick results in white teeth using Crest or other similar kits? According to dental experts, it is safe as long as the hydrogen peroxide is below 10% applied on the gel or kit daily. Hence, high concentration or continuous use beyond the suggestion per day can have adverse effects.  


How Often Should You Use Whitening Strips?

Days of having an imperfect smile are now gone thanks to dental work. Now, you can even bring these advanced products home. Board-certified dentists recommend removing stains using whitening strips only as indicated in the box. Many people think that wearing their whitening strips longer can double the effect. It is also not good to reuse a whitening strip again. Bacteria may stick to these strips that may infect your gums and teeth. Besides, your active bleaching ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, or otherwise, may already be depleted. You should check the time of wearing a teeth whitening strip such as hours or minutes and correctly follow the instructions. 


Steps In Wearing Your Whitening Strip:

Crest is one of the many options that you can choose for Whitestrips. Different white strip brands may have other instructions, so be sure to read the label carefully. 


  • According To Crest Whitening Strips Instructions:
  1. Don’t brush your teeth before applying the strip.
  2. Open one (1) packet and check the long side where the gel is.
  3. Press and seal the strip by folding it into your teeth firmly.
  4. Leave the Crest Whitestrips according to the minutes or hours indicated.
  5. Remove and discard your Crest Whitestrips
  6. Brush your teeth lightly after wearing them.


What Are The Other Ways To Whiten Teeth?

You may want to stick with comfortable do-it-yourself products such as Whitestrips or wearing whitening trays. However, there are several teeth whitening methods that you can find at your local dental clinic or cosmetic office. Here are other ways to whiten teeth aside from the whitening strips.


Deep Cleaning And Whitening From A Dentist

Nothing beats visiting a dentist for that professional in-office treatment for healthier, whiter teeth. You may notice that your dentist will be using the same ingredient for bleaching. Yet, the process will be faster, and the results are longer than expected. On the other hand, it may also be more expensive as the procedure may take gingival restoration. If you are curious about dental treatments and restorative solutions, you should schedule an appointment for further consultation.


LED Light Therapy 

Another cosmetic craze in the dental and aesthetic aspect of beauty regimens, LED, or light therapy is a combination of using the bleaching product together with LED to make teeth whiter. It is also noninvasive and even cheaper than the usual treatments available today. One qualification of having LED light therapy is not to be pregnant. It is also not applicable for persons with HIV, chronic diseases like cancer, or children below the age of 15. You may also have to expect tooth sensitivity or other side effects along the way. Don’t forget to consult your nearest clinic that may recommend better ways than using Crest Whitestrips or other home whitening tools.


Make Your Own Whitening Solution

How Often Should You Use Whitening Strips Reminder

Sure, it doesn’t sound very easy to make your own toothpaste or rinse. But, it’s actually a practical way that can save you tons of money from confusing dental products. However, people should be careful in picking which ingredients to combine as some may react with one another. It may be best to consult a doctor or your primary care dentist first before settling to anything natural. 


Teeth Bleaching Isn’t Risk-Free

With the good comes the bad. More often than not, cosmetic clinics are the priority of many patients when it comes to a better look. Yet, the essentials of dental hygiene and oral health care are set aside. Many people are also not satisfied with their teeth’ shade and may continue to abuse their proper routines. Lost minerals due to Whitestrips in the teeth may also enhance tooth loss or tooth decay.