How Much Does a Dental Implant Cost?

Are you curious about the average dental implants cost in Australia? If you’ve done even a little bit of research, you can easily tell that this kind of treatment can be quite expensive. But since undergoing this procedure leads to a perfect smile regardless of how many teeth you’re missing, countless individuals still believe it’s worth the investment.

So if you really want to know how much does dental implant cost, then this article is suitable for you.

Ideally, the cost of this treatment ranges from $2000 to $7000 since it depends on various factors like:

  • Type of Implant – there are more than 500 manufacturers, each having their own specializations in terms of the material they use and other factors. The amount of time and money they invest on their implants would reflect on the price.
  • Location – If the city has a higher cost of living, such as Sydney, chances are, the cost of the implant would be more expensive as well. That would also include the procedure and the professional fee.
  • Dentist’s Experience and Reputation – Dentists specializing in dental implants attend a lot of training and seminars to upgrade their techniques. That means they invest a lot of money and they need to acquire the return of their investment by charging higher rates to their patients.
  • Case-to-case Basis – The patient’s case would also reflect on how much does dental implant cost. If there are other procedures needed to make the implant successful, it’s highly possible that the cost would be higher.


Due to the numerous factors involved in installing a dental implant, it’s quite challenging to put an exact price on the procedure. Therefore, don’t expect that the rate you’ll see on the Internet is the same on your case.

It’s Worth the Investment!

True – getting a dental implant can be costly; but it’s definitely worth the investment.

If you’ve done enough research, you’ll realise that this treatment can also prevent bone absorption, the side effect that takes place in the long run when you lose a tooth. Usually, the bone tissue that supports the tooth that just lost will no longer be needed, hence, it begins to diminish. This alters the jaw’s shape and loses your facial skin’s integrity, making you look older.

When you have a dental implant installed, it copies the root of the natural tooth you just lost and the bone tissue will fuse with the implant. Aside from resolving the gap problem that you have, your facial feature is restored or even improved, thus, giving you that boost in self-esteem.

The Durability of the Dental Implant

Just like its price, it’s hard to tell how long the implant would last even if you purchased the best brand. This is again reliant on different factors such as:

  • Future dental implant issues
  • Efficiency of the implant
  • Frequency of the implant being assessed and evaluated by the patient and the dentist
  • Patient’s lifestyle habits
  • Other health issues

The cost of dental implants may be much higher than other tooth replacement alternatives. But if you dig deeper and consider the amazing benefits it can give you, you’ll realize that this procedure is indeed cost-effective.