Can You Have Facial Acupuncture For Dental Problems? (4 Benefits)

When it comes to health care, particularly dental issues, patients can look for alternative treatments. Acupressure, a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) approach for health and wellness, is a popular option. If you want to have additional dental treatment, you can find facial skin acupuncture as a relief for dental pain. Are you familiar with who a physiotherapist is? You may visit this link to get some instructions on what they can offer or suggest for your facial muscle and skin problems. Moreover, you can ask your dentist about the best acupuncture practices after dental surgery. You may recover faster by getting a massage from some facial acupuncture treatment acupuncturists. 

What Is Facial Acupuncture?

Any patient may be familiar with massage spa, cosmetic clinics, and other facilities that offer services for acupressure and different types of massages. However, there is medical support for this type of treatment. Such is in the form of physiotherapy or orthopedics that are applicable for dental services too. Facial acupuncture focuses on controlled pain management through needles. Some dentistry experts also use facial acupuncture to avoid gag reflex, myofascial pain syndromes, and dental anxiety. Even more so, facial acupuncture, with the right practice, assist chronic oral-facial and muscular-facial problems. Additionally, many cosmetic clinics see the benefits of facial acupuncture for skin rejuvenation and anti-aging. It is more often referred to as an alternative for botox for skin cosmetic rejuvenation. 

4 Benefits Of Facial Acupuncture For Dental Problems

Treating oral health issues and dental diseases, in general, can be tricky to provide treatment. When facial pain doesn’t go away, there may be some other underlying medical and health issues involved. Some dental clinics can refer you to a licensed facial acupuncture specialist for recovery and pain management. Moreover, physiotherapists may also give additional pain relief by providing appropriate acupuncture and massages after a traumatic experience. 

May Help Decrease Facial Muscle Spasms

A massage on the face can give relief for medical conditions such as facial muscle spasms. A facial twitch or spasm have different reasons or causes. Some may be an allergic reaction. While other muscle twitching happens due to trauma, aging, stress, smoking, or brain and nerve disorders. Patients with facial or nerve disorders can ask for facial acupuncture to help align and correct their muscles. 

Manage Dental Pain (Toothaches)

Can You Have Facial Acupuncture For Dental ProblemsNine out of ten dental patients may recommend curious dental patients about facial acupuncture for their recurring toothache. A severe toothache, even after a dental operation, can be hard to manage. 

Although, it is best if you will still visit your dentist or doctor of dental medicine to continue getting a prescription for toothaches. Your medicine may even help defeat inflammation and have antibacterial solutions for continuous pain. 

Assist Patients With TMJ Disorders

Temporomandibular joint disorders or TMJD is almost similar to what physiotherapists can treat. Patients with this dental problem can ask a dentist if this treatment applies to their jawbone correction. Facial acupuncture for the temporomandibular joint disease can assist them in aligning the jawbone disc, mouth, and teeth to regain its functionality again. TMJD patients may have to get more than one session for the dental procedure to use their mouth without pain properly. 

Noninvasive Procedures

The process of doing acupuncture is naturally noninvasive. Without surgery, you will be free of worries from risks during an operation or procedure. Moreover, facial acupuncture involves little needles that aren’t painful. On the other hand, this tells many patients that facial acupuncture is not an ultimate cure for dental diseases. You must seek professional help from a doctor or surgeon to check if you are suffering from a wisdom tooth problem or other dental health illnesses.

Can Facial Acupuncture Correct Post-Implant Paresthesia?

According to many dental research case studies about facial acupuncture, it has many positive results for post-implant paresthesia correction. Post-implant paresthesia happens after a dental implant was removed due to infection or complications in a person’s mouth. Also, the patient showed healing and regeneration of soft tissue on the mouth after several successful facial acupuncture sessions.