What Is The Purpose And Use Of A Dental Machine?

The dental equipment is composed of many different tools, devices, apparatus, and machines. These are the basic equipment that a dentist would need to provide quality services to a patient in need of dental care. In this article, we are going to discuss the functions of these products and what makes them important in dental practice. If you are planning to purchase a dental machine for an affordable and lower price, you can find the best deals at MelagAutoclave.com.au.


Essential Dental Equipment

Dentists use several tools and dental equipment in order to diagnose and treat a patient.

different dental apparatus

These products can be categorized into three, the first one is the dental machine, the second is handheld or small pieces of equipment, lastly, the dental furniture. Each of these has a role to play in dental practice and are essential parts of a clinic.

Dental Machine

Oftentimes, these are the high-quality electronic apparatus that are used to diagnose and treat dental

problems. A professional dentist must be knowledgeable about using different appliances so they can operate them when needed. Below is a list of the most common dental machines used these days:

  • Panoramic X-ray. This dental equipment takes images of your teeth which is used by the dentist to assess your oral health. Through x-ray results, your dentist will be able to determine if you have cavity issues, decaying, or misaligned teeth. It is recommended to take x-rays annually to assure that your oral health is not declining.
  • Intraoral machine. Just like a panoramic x-ray, an intraoral machine is a piece of equipment used to take images of a single tooth. It is used when the patient is feeling pain in a particular area in the mouth. This equipment is often wall-mounted and can be commonly seen in dental facilities.
  • Dental lasers. Dentists use different types of lasers to treat several dental issues. Each type of laser serves its own purpose and is most likely used for a very specific dental problem. Dental lasers include erbium lasers, carbon dioxide lasers, diode lasers, and hard and soft tissue lasers. Dental lasers are typically used to take away tooth decay and make the surrounding enamel ready for fillings.
  • Sterilizer. Used for the maintenance of devices and instruments.

Dental Tools

Dental tools are smaller types of dental equipment that are used together with machines. These instruments are often using mouth mirrorused to fully examine the inside of your mouth. Dentists would still need to check manually if your gums are not well. Here are the dental devices that dentists use:

  • Periodontal probe. The dental probe is the equipment used to determine the severity of gingivitis and periodontal pockets.
  • Syringe. Syringes are used to induce anesthetics prior to oral surgery.
  • Dental drill. This is handpiece equipment used in performing multiple dental procedures such as cleaning tooth decay, finishing up fillings, and executing cosmetic dental procedures.
  • Mouth mirror. Mouth mirrors have four purposes, redirecting vision to hidden areas, reflecting light to dark parts of the mouth, retraction, and protecting tissues.
  • Spoon-excavator. A piece of equipment used to remove soft carious dentin and short-term fillings.
  • Burnisher. A burnisher is usually used after performing an oral procedure.
  • Scalers. Scaling, root canal treatment, and root planning require the use of these products.
  • Supplies. Masks, lab gowns, and gloves are a few samples of supplies.

Dental Furniture

Just like an ordinary office, a dental clinic is also composed of furniture for clinic design and patient comfortability. Dental furniture is composed of the dental chair, clinic cabinet for storage, computers, chairs, table for the initial consultation, and the likes.

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