Do you know the cost of dental implants in Scotland?

Before deciding on getting dental implants, there are questions you usually need to ask such as: “How much is the true cost of getting tooth implants?” And “Where is the best place to have dental implants procedure?” There are many countries where dental implants are available, and one of them is the developing country of Scotland. Do you want to know the cost of dental implants in Scotland?

What makes dental implants stand out for Scots?

We all know that dental implants are the gold standard when it comes to missing teeth replacement procedures. They are the most natural-looking, permanent, and worry-free false teeth you will ever have. They also are the missing teeth replacement option that protects the gums and bones where the lost teeth were before. They are used for the long term that if you care for them properly, they can last to up to 20-25  years.

What are the kinds of dental implants?

According to the American Dental Association, there are two main kinds of dental implants and they are based on how they are placed in the gums and bones.

  • cost of dental implants in ScotlandEndosteal implants are metal implants surgically embedded to the jawbone. Once the gums heal, the dentist makes a small cut on the gums to insert and secure the post into the implant and attaché the crown to the post.
  • Periosteal implants make use of a metal frame with posts already attached to them. Surgery is done to fuse the jaw and the frame together, and once the gums and bones heal, the crowns are now attached to the posts.

How much are dental implants in Scotland?

Of course, when planning to get this procedure, you should also consider your budget. The cost of dental implants depend on the material, the number of implants needed, and the condition of your oral cavity. To have an idea, you can prepare a budget of £10000 to £16000. Yes, we understand that it’s a very expensive quotation but everything you need is included in that computation, namely:

  • Imaging (x-rays and OPG)
  • 3D scan
  • Comprehensive treatment plan
  • Tooth extractions (if needed)
  • Bone contour and graft
  • Dental implant components (crowns, implants, and titanium posts)
  • Postoperative consultation

To make sure you get the most accurate cost computation for your dental implants, consult your trusted dental surgeon licensed to perform the surgery. He can give you more information and can answer your questions and other concerns.