Cosmetic dental design: Is it that important?

Cosmetic dental design is now an interesting topic and requirement for patients when choosing the best dentist and practice that they can trust with their teeth issues. Let us discover the step-by-step guide on how to perfect a cosmetic dental design, and you can contact a specialist to know more.


1. Get to know your dentist for preliminary examination

An extensive restoration of the teeth is to be prepared carefully and adapted to the needs of the patients. First of all, we will get to know you and discuss your ideas before beginning the dental treatment. We take time for your concerns and respond individually to your wishes.

After the personal interview, a thorough examination will be carried out so that your dental status and your dental health can be scrutinized. Depending on your needs, dental X-rays and models of your teeth are made to customize the later measures of a dental restoration or beautification on your tooth profile.


2. Personal photo session

Then we will take you to our photo studio. In a small photo session, you and your smile take pictures. The images are evaluated by specialists and dental technicians.


3. Professional Cosmetic dental Designcosmetic dental design patient

In a special procedure, with the help of professional software, your smile on the computer is designed and compared to the current situation. The cosmetic dental design result is prepared for you as a wax-up (sample mask to remove).


4. Individual wax model

On the next visit, the wax-up is tried and the cosmetic “test drive” can begin. Photos and videos are made of it, so you can see for yourself how your new smile works. Together with you, we analyze shape, colour and overall impression. Changes are made directly at the wax-up until your wish smile is implemented.


5. Preparation of tooth beautification

Together with you, we discuss the necessary treatment steps and costs as well as possible alternatives. Whether ceramic veneers (also known as veneers, tooth shells or ceramic facets), crowns, bridges, inlays, fillings, dentures, teeth whitening or tooth correction by means of splint – in our practice we cover the complete range of dental treatment in the best quality!