Burst Toothbrush Review: New Generation Electric Toothbrush

Oral care is essential, especially if we want to maintain our overall health. If you’ve spent some time on social media over the past year, you’ve probably heard about the Burst electric toothbrush. It is the newest talk of the town, and customer reviews are pretty much easy to find all over the internet. Just like you, our team got curious about what the craze was all about. We’ve received many queries from people about this product, so it is our decision to test out today’s most sought-after electric toothbrush. Is this product worth the hype it is getting? Check out our Burst toothbrush review to find out.



Product Overview

Introduced in 2017, the Burst toothbrush became a popular household name. Perhaps due to its marketing antics, the product created quite a stir across several social media websites. According to dental professionals, the product has proven excellent benefits in teeth whitening and cleaning. Fast forward today, the Burst toothbrush remains to be a constant topic when it comes to dental care and oral hygiene. So, does the product really live up to its claims? Let’s get right in and examine more in detail.


Product Claims

According to their advertisements, the Burst electric toothbrush promises to get rid of plaque ten times more than a manual toothbrush can. It is also better at decreasing the risk of developing gingivitis by up to three times. With thousands of evaluations, the manufacturer boasts that it is one of the most rated toothbrushes on the world wide web.


Specifications and Features

burst toothbrush review featuresDo you believe that all toothbrushes are the same? Well, perhaps the Burst toothbrush would help you in breaking this perception. Take it from us; we were initially blown away when we got a hold of this product. It is a sleek and elegant-looking toothbrush with its compact design and firm grip to enable effortless brushing. Moreover, the Burst toothbrush is indeed promising when it comes to its features. You can see below some of the best aspects that wowed us:


Charcoal Bristles

The Burst sonic toothbrush is a total crowd-pleaser for its looks. It has white charcoal-infused bristles that help get rid of unsightly stains when not in use. In its whitening mode, these bristles are programmed to clean at 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute. These disinfecting and cleaning properties make it stand out among other electric toothbrushes.


Brushing Modes

The Burst sonic toothbrush offers 3 modes when brushing, each with its advantages. Depending on your preference, you may select between whitening, massaging, and sensitivity modes when using this toothbrush.


Quad Interval Timer

The sonic toothbrush includes a two-minute timer and quad interval. For every 30 seconds, the quad interval timer will vibrate. This is a subtle reminder that it is time to shift the brush towards a different area on your mouth to ensure equal and thorough brushing. After two minutes, the toothbrush automatically turns off. The two-minute timer is essential to help you remember to clean your teeth for that long. According to dentists and hygienists, this timeframe is recommended to avoid over-brushing.


Battery Life

The battery life on the Burst sonic toothbrush is excellent. You may use the brush for a month without having to charge it. As a result, the toothbrush is perfect for travel. It also eliminates the need to keep the charger on your bathroom sink, where it is prone to become a tripping hazard.


Using Burst Sonic Toothbrush

Brushing with a Burst toothbrush is a really more convenient experience than brushing with a regular toothbrush. Instead of moving around your toothbrush in circles, this toothbrush performs the job for you.

All you need to do is select your preferred settings and position the brush at a forty-five-degree angle. Then, carefully place it on your mouth and let the ultrasonic vibrations work their magic. Even without moving the toothbrush, the bristles would go between your teeth. You can assist the cleaning by sweeping the toothbrush in circles if you like, but it can still clean your teeth without doing so.


Important Points to Consider

After using the Burst toothbrush, we were able to experience some concerns. Luckily, we found out that these instances are practically part of the product’s adjustment. The following are important notes to keep in mind when using Burst:


Sensitive Teeth and Discomfort

Since the Burst toothbrush is doing a fantastic job of getting between your teeth, you may experience a considerable sensitivity over the first few days of use. It is the same sensation you get after flossing for the first time or after a long time. Regardless, the discomfort will subside after a few days.


Cleaning the Toothbrush

Rinse the bristles once you’ve finished brushing. You need to dismantle the brush head afterward to clean the metal rod beneath it. Place the toothbrush on the shelf so that it is ready for your subsequent usage. You may not have to clean underneath the brush head every time, but this is advisable. Our bathrooms and countertops are breeding areas for germs, so it is essential to make sure your toothbrush gets some cleaning. Moreover, some bacteria are leftover in your teeth, so taking steps to minimize their spread is vital.


What Do We Like About Burst Electric Toothbrush?


Ease of Use

electric toothbrush vs manualWe thought it was a little smaller and lighter than any regular electric toothbrushes on our first use of this toothbrush. We looked it up, and to our surprise, we find that its specs are the same in terms of weight and size. So, it was a puzzle as to why it feels that way. Nonetheless, it seemed even softer and gentler in comparison to other toothbrushes. We even questioned if it was functioning because the machine works were so quiet. The timer alarms and auto shut down were identical to those on branded toothbrushes, which is a total steal, in our opinion. Thus, we believe the brush is functionally worth it for wise buyers.


Lifetime Warranty

Another excellent advantage is that this toothbrush comes with a lifetime warranty. If the unit breaks down, the company will replace it with a newer one without additional charges.


Burst Subscriptions

For its toothbrushes, Burst provides a subscription service. If you join these toothbrush subscription programs, you will receive replacement heads for your unit every ninety days. Depending on your chosen plans, you may get offers for a specific price range. Cancellation of the subscription service is possible at any moment. It is advised, however, that you replace your toothbrush head every three months.



Last but not least, the most significant difference was its end results. After using the Burst brush for the first time, there was an instant feeling that your smile is glossier and smoother than it did with other products we tried. We believe this is because of the increase in vibration frequency. The Burst brush likely provides slight polishing in addition to plaque removal.


Burst Ambassador Program

You can also be a Burst ambassador as the company offers ambassador programs. All you need to do is make a pleasing review, and you can have the chance to a part of their list of ambassadors.


Our Verdict

Overall, we would likely recommend the Burst toothbrush, mainly because of its results and affordability. Basing on the way our teeth feel after brushing, the Burst toothbrush provides form and function that is less expensive than its counterparts. This toothbrush has powerful vibrations and is effective at maintaining good oral hygiene as well as teeth whitening. Moreover, it also comes with a warranty which for us is already a benefit.


Where To Buy Burst Toothbrush?

The Burst toothbrush is available for patients at a variety of dental clinics. You may also purchase it directly from the company’s website. If you do so, you may save some expense on your purchase by using Burst coupons and discount codes.


Burst Toothbrush Price Range

The Burst sonic toothbrush is a fantastic buy, especially given its low price. It comes at a very affordable price range of around sixty dollars for its black or white shades, and ninety dollars for rose gold. This price already comes with free shipping, which is way cheaper than other brands.


Wrapping It Up

cost of burst sonicChoosing the most delicate toothbrush among the sea of brands and products may be challenging and complicated. Some even find it frustrating, especially when there are so many alternatives available. Therefore, to know which type fits best for your needs, you need to evaluate your options and give it a personal trial. Additionally, customer reviews such as this one provide consumers with diverse opinions, which can also assist you in making your decisions.

Either way, it all boils down to how we practice our oral care routines. That means maintaining proper dental hygiene would not only equate to your use of dental appliances. It is a complete combination of patience, perseverance, and discipline. Brushing at least twice a day is essential. Still, it should also be done in conjunction with flossing, mouthwash, proper diet, and regular visits to dental professionals.

Ultimately, our overall health depends on the way we maintain our oral hygiene. If you want to live a healthy and disease-free life, you should start it with having a bright and clean smile. Using the Burst oral care toothbrush will help you towards reaching this goal.