Are yellow teeth normal?

You might have seen people with their teeth yellow in color and wondered “are yellow teeth normal?”. Yes, yellow teeth are absolutely normal in most of the cases. However, it is necessary to improve yellow teeth as they often lower the confidence and makes a person very anxious socially. To give you a better understanding, Dr Wang of Top Health Dental explains that the possible causes for the yellow color of teeth are as follows;


Normally, our teeth are made up of three layers. Enamel forms the outer layer and Dentin, Pulp are the middle and inner layers of the teeth. Dentin is yellow in color and it can be seen through enamel in people with very thin enamel.


As you get older, teeth turns into yellow color as they got through wear and tear all these years. Enamel becomes thin due to continuous chewing and exposure to food and drinks with acids.


Your teeth may turn yellow if you are from a family with yellow teeth. Even the depth of yellow color may vary in parallel with your family members.


Improper brushing and least care towards teeth leads to build up of plaque and food particles around you teeth. This stagnation creates bad stains on your teeth.


Smoking addiction weakens your body in different ways. It has its effects on teeth too. Smoking develops a layer of stains which is often yellow or brown in color. are yellow teeth normal

Illness and Medications

An underlying cause can also discolor you teeth. For example, people undergoing chemotherapy are prone to yellow colored teeth. Medications, especially antibiotics possess the power to turn your teeth yellow.

Food and Drinks

Consuming some types of food or drinks may stain your teeth. Drinks like coffee, tea, red wine and foods like berries, curry spices can leave embarrassing stains on your teeth.


An intake of limited amount of fluoride is actually good to the body. But, taking it in excess through water or food may lead to a condition called Fluorosis. Yellow stains on teeth and ligament pains are the common results of Fluorosis.

Teeth grinding is a very bad habit. Also known as Bruxism, it can reduce the thickness of teeth enamel and make dentin visible through it.


Trauma can create cracks in your teeth and can lead to death of your teeth. In such a case, discoloration is always possible.

Of these causes, yellow teeth because of accidents or illnesses require immediate medical attention. All other causes are not so serious and can be sorted out with proper and regular care towards the teeth.

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