What Makes All On 4 Implants A Great Restorative Treatment?

All-on-4 implants are a prosthodontic procedure that aims to rehabilitate the dental functions of a person with missing teeth. Dentists often recommend this to patients with multiple missing teeth from different locations. This is a modern technique with a high rate of success due to its reliability. A dentist who is experienced in cosmetic and restorative procedures strongly agree that this is one of the best teeth replacement treatment because they look like natural teeth.


Everything About All On 4 Implants

The all on 4 implants method is the fusion of modern technology and contemporary dental techniques. Its main objective is to provide a safe and secured solution for teeth replacement that is much stronger and more dependable than traditional methods. Ideally, this procedure uses four dental implants which are placed in the jaw of the patient that will provide a strong foundation for the fake teeth.

In comparison with ordinary dental implants, the four dental implants used in this technique are different in some ways. Although the bottom part of the all on 4 implants is the same as regular ones, the top part is somehow different. Its top portion is shaped specifically like a cap to provide a solid connection between the synthetic teeth and jaw. This is what makes all-on-four implants a much durable and reliable restoration.

implants and dentures

Other Facts:
  • The four dental implants do not have to be taken out.
  • All-on-four implants are permanent and can be cleaned like natural teeth.
  • They do not require adhesives.
  • They are comfortable to wear as they don’t put pressure on the gums.
  • Enables the wearer to eat better.
  • Allows you to eat even hard foods.
  • It prevents bone resorption.
  • Restores the natural look of the face.


Steps On Getting All On 4 Implants

Because of its complexity, you might think that getting all on four implants is a long process. But don’t worry because it doesn’t have to be that complicated.


First of all, before you pass as a candidate for the four dental implants, your dentist would need to examine your teeth and gums. We all have different dental problems so it’s a case-to-case basis that needs to be addressed properly.

During the consultation, your dentist might ask you to take dental X-rays as well as a CBCT scan. This is just so he can examine the structure of your jaw and figure out the possible locations of the 4 implants.

Apart from this, your medical and dental history will also be reviewed. If you are currently taking medications for certain health conditions, don’t forget to mention them to the doctor as well.

Placement Of Implants

Once you are considered as a healthy candidate for all-on-4 implants, the surgical operation will follow. It will most likely be scheduled on a different day and you will be asked to prepare for it.

Dentists would also prefer if patients wear comfortable clothes for the surgery day. Before the operation begins, you will be given a list of aftercare procedures to ensure a safe and fast recovery.

Your dentist will then proceed to the actual operation. To keep you calm and comfortable, you will be given anesthetics. After this, the dentist will remove the remaining teeth, he will also make an incision to the gums to access the jawbone and shape the socket in preparation for the implants. Next, the screw of the implants will be placed followed by the abutment.

In some cases, bone grafting may be needed, especially if there is a massive bone loss in the jaw. Lastly, the dentist will suture up the gums just below the abutment to make sure that its head is still visible. It might take a while before the implants fully heal.


After the procedure, it’s normal to feel soreness and swelling for a few days. It’s important to follow your doctor’s instructions to make sure that you recover accordingly. Some patients do experience a little bit of discomfort but don’t worry as this can be managed by taking pain medications.

The healing period usually takes 3 to 6 months given that the treatment site didn’t get injured. During this period, the newly grown bone will fuse itself with the implants. In order to avoid complications, you will be required to undergo a soft food diet to prevent pressure on the all-on-4 implants. If the healing process is obstructed, the implants might become loose and heal improperly. After you recovered, the dentist will start working on the permanent dentures.



There are numerous benefits one can get from obtaining all-on-4 implants. Aside from the aesthetic effects of the implants and dentures, your overall health will also benefit from it significantly.

Bone loss prevention.

Since the implants imitate the functions of the actual tooth root, the degradation of the bone mass will be prevented.

Improved self-esteem and confidence

Our smile is one of the best things that we can offer to the world. All on 4 implants guarantee that you will be able to smile anytime you want without being worried about missing teeth.

Easy to clean and better oral hygiene

The implants are planted directly to the bones so there is no reason for you to remove them. They are sturdy enough to allow you to brush your teeth without having to remove your dentures.

They are permanent

This permanent restorative solution to missing teeth will save you a lot of expenses for dental procedures since they are permanent. All you need to do is replace your dentures if in case they got broken.

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