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Teeth Whitening

January 29, 2010

DR. KHAIRA: I’ve had a lot of education into different tooth whitening systems where we’re just starting to get some absolutely fantastic results. It’s a nice simple system. It works well. It’s very comfortable. And it’s just a fantastic way of boosting confidence.

I see a lot of people come in to see me and say I, you know, I really want to have a smile makeover done but I’m concerned about this; I’m concerned about that. I say to them why don’t we try whitening your teeth and see how you feel about it. A lot of them have it done and look fantastic. Actually yes, I do want to move on or no, that’s fine; I’m happy with what I’ve had done. Thank you very much. It’s just a fantastic way to boost somebody’s confidence. There’s nothing aggressive that we do. And it’s a fantastic system.


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