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Six Month Smile

January 29, 2010

DR. KHAIRA: The 6 Month Smile braces, they’re generally very comfortable type braces. There is always a little bit of discomfort involved in any type of brace system that is used. A lot of people say that Invisalign is very comfortable. I would say that 6 Month Smile is as comfortable as Invisalign. And similarly with the Invisalign, all the systems are used. They’re generally very, very comfortable systems.

The cost of the six months smile is dependent on how complex the actual tooth movement required is. But it’s not any more expensive or any more costly than the other brace systems. In fact in a number of cases the 6 Month Smiles can actually be cheaper than the Invisalign system. The key is want needs to be done to achieve the best result.

As with all types of brace systems you have to wear a retainer. And that retainer is pretty much – – . Depending on what type of tooth movement we’ve actually done there will be different types of retainers. And we will, of course, guide you on that. If you don’t wear a retainer your teeth will start to naturally move again. And that is a natural consequence. There’s a lot of people out there who had braces when they were younger and their teeth then start to move when they start to get a little bit older. And that’s a consequence of not wearing a retainer.

So we always say it doesn’t matter what type of brace system you have, whether it’s the Inman aligner , 6 Month Smile, or Invisalign, you have to have some type of retention afterwards. The retainer is generally very, very comfortable. You get used to it very, very quickly. And that will ensure very long lasting results.

A little benefit of 6 Month Smile is that it’s a very fast brace system as well. Treatments are done, on average, between four to nine months, with six being the average. Hence the name the name 6 Month Smile. Another benefit of the system is that it can perform tooth movements that Invisalign or Inman aligner has struggled with. So it’s just another option available for people who’ve been told that they’re not suitable for the Inman aligner or Invisalign. It just gives them another option to help the achieve the smile that they want to achieve.


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