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Relieving Tension Headaches

January 29, 2010

DR. KHAIRA: I see a lot of people who suffer from chronic headaches, particularly in the temporal region, – – make sometimes back of the neck. A lot of people aren’t actually aware that this problem can be related to certain jaw joint problems and also clenching and grinding of teeth.

What we can do is there are certain appliances that can be make which can reduce the muscle force that’s used to apply [phonetic] that’s causing these headaches. And we generally find that when they work patients can be pain free. And quite often they don’t remember what it’s like to be totally pain free. Because they suffer with these terrible tension headaches. Particularly the clients who wake up in the morning with tension headaches and they come in and they say to me you know I have these headaches almost on a daily basis. That’s not right. – – – appliance headaches go away after a short period of time. And they have much fewer headaches. And they come back to me and they’re so much happier. They turn around and say to me I used to have to take pills every single day I was in so much pain. And it’s just really nice seeing somebody, particularly when they’ve been in pain, to come back and they’re happy and they’re getting on with things. That’s good.


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