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Great Atmosphere Patient Testimonial

January 29, 2010
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MALE VOICE: Obviously I can imagine that some people who come to a dental practice, and not including myself, could be quite scared. But even though I’m not scared of a dental practice myself, when you come in, it’s still—you still, your mind’s put at ease. Obviously speak to Pav. He tells you how he’s going to do it, the way he’s going to do it, and the reason obviously being behind all the treatments. So before you can sit down, your mind is also set of what’s going to happen. So then obviously from there on you’re not thinking, “Well, what’s going to happen? Is this going to do it? Is that going to do it?” And the nervousness is pretty much gone.

But from my own point of view, the professionalism, obviously the settings, the biscuits, the coffee, which is obviously nice, even down through the receptionist and the hygienist is definitely so professional.

Well the really great thing about the staff is it’s not, to me it doesn’t seem like a Red Sky business. It seems like a family of such that you want in there. I mean it is of the middle. Always professional. They take you from, obviously from your walking in first through the door, to sit down with Pav. So there’s obviously that link there, then obviously you’ve got professionalism from Pav.

The confidence that dental treatment gives me is obviously (a) is obviously a smile. You know yourself, obviously, personal hygiene, to me, even though we are male and have this stigma of being—whatever they want to call it—you use it, you know, the dental hygiene from skin care and everything else. But I obviously use it for personal, not only hygiene, but obviously personal, you know, personal look. I like to look nice. There’s nothing better than you’re feeling good and looking good in yourself.


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