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Corrective Cosmetic Dentistry

January 29, 2010

DR. KHAIRA: The key is with smile makeovers is to figure out what to do and work backwards from there so that you’ve got a plan to achieve a really natural looking result. A lot of people think a smile makeover automatically consists of 10-12 veneers. That’s not the right way to do it. A smile makeover isn’t necessarily just braces or just veneers. A smile makeover is what is it that you would like to achieve? Right, now that I understand that here’s what we can do for you. And here is what needs to be done if you want a really natural, long-lasting smile makeover.

We see a lot of people who have had either only braces done or only veneers done and there’s a lot of cutting corners. And that doesn’t, it doesn’t quite look right. There’s a certain method for treatment planning to make sure that whatever we do is not only going to look completely natural, but also it’s going to last a very long time as well.

The best things that my clients say to me is when they come back after they’ve had a smile makeover done and they say to me, have you know nobody knows I’ve had a smile makeover. Everybody thinks these are my natural teeth. And that’s what you want. You don’t want anybody turning around and saying I like your veneers. You always want them to say I love your smile; I wish I had a smile like that.


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