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January 29, 2010

DR. PAVANDEEP KHAIRA: The CEREC machine is CAD/CAM technology. It allows us to produce porcelain restorations in a single visit. Traditionally, when we make these restorations, we prepare the teeth on a day, take impressions and send that information off to a lab. You then return in a fortnight’s time to have these restorations fitted.

The CEREC machine allows us to do that in a single visit, therefore, reducing the amount of time that you actually need to spend with us.

The other nice thing about the CEREC machine is you get beautiful porcelain restorations which are incredibly well-fitting to the tooth.

MALE VOICE: Is it using the information from the camera to build that tooth?

DR. PAVANDEEP KHAIRA: Yes. You’ve got quite an irregular surface so there’s an even reflection back of the energy that the camera sends out. And it’s extremely accurate. That’s about a thousandth of a millimeter. It means that it designs any type of restoration you want pretty much. Then it sends a message to the main unit outside and cuts it out of a block of porcelain.


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