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The truth about no preparation and minimal preparation veneers – The marketing unspun

June 13, 2009

Here’s what everyone (including the large companies that produce no preparation veneers) market:

No injections

No removal of painful tooth structure

They can be made in just 2 visits

They work like “instant braces”

They don’t chip or crack

They are made from a new “stronger” porcelain and can be made very thin

The truth is that just about everything written here is outright marketing spin and just plain wrong. Another misleading term is minimal preparation veneers, ALL veneers should be minimally prepared!

Think about it for a moment, who would deliberately heavy handedly prepare teeth for veneers? It just doesn’t make sense. Unless your marketing tactics are based upon scaremongering.

Let me tell you the TRUTH about veneers. They absolutely positively should not be used to straighten teeth instead of braces. If you have this done, the failure rate over a 5 year period massively increases due to the amount of tooth reduction required.

Veneer preparations should also be so conservative that you really shouldn’t need injections anyway. 95% of my veneer preparations are done without anaesthetic and my clients feel NOTHING. Furthermore, all veneers can be made in 2 visits! However, just because something CAN be done does not mean it SHOULD be done. Veneers need to be “test driven” to assess cosmetics, mechanics, function and phonetics, not possible if you just slap them in place 10 days later without temporary veneers!

All veneers have the potential to crack, just as natural teeth have the exact same risk. The porcelain is “strong” enough to be made 0.3mm thick, this is how many companies claim they can offer no preparation solutions. I regularly make veneers this thin, it’s about technique and skill of your treating dentist and his or her technician. There is a place for no preparation veneers but they are grossly overused.

I am happy for anyone to mark my words now, as in years to come when all of the problems start to arise due to cutting corners with veneer work I’ll be saying I told you so!

Now that the truth is known, also know that QUALITY veneer work when done to high standards does last a VERY long time. I love veneer work, but have refused to do it for numerous people who have not heeded my guidance and I will not do damage to someone’s smile.

I hope this offers valuable insight to those considering veneer work


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