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Smile Transformations With Veneer Cosmetics

September 9, 2008

In just a few weeks, you can have the smile you’ve always wanted through veneer cosmetics at our practice in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, near Sheffield. Although not the best option for all of our patients, porcelain veneers can often be used to achieve the desired results. I’m amazed at the difference porcelain veneers can make in a person’s smile, whether we place a single veneer or several. We can even perform an entire smile makeover through veneer cosmetics involving the placement of porcelain veneers on many or all of a patient’s visible teeth.

Porcelain veneers are an extremely versatile cosmetic option as they can be used to conceal many different types of dental imperfections. We can make a tooth appear longer or wider just by adjusting the size and shape of the veneer, or brighten a smile by adjusting the color of the porcelain we use.

Not everyone needs orthodontics, such as Invisalign® or the Inman Aligner™, to achieve a straighter smile. For some patients who have very minor spaces or misalignments, we can use veneers to achieve the desired result.

Although professional teeth whitening works for most people, in some cases a tooth is so deeply stained that the whitening procedure alone will not achieve the desired result. In such a case, a veneer can be placed on the tooth to cover the discoloration. As an added benefit, the porcelain is stain resistant so discolorations will not occur in the future.

When designing and planning a veneer cosmetic case, I carefully analyze the relationship of the surrounding teeth to the tooth or teeth that will receive the veneer(s). I also work closely with the technicians at a local dental laboratory to ensure that each veneer they craft for me are made to my exact specifications for an optimal result.

If you are interested in veneer cosmetics, schedule a consultation at our practice in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, near Sheffield. I can help you decide if porcelain veneers or another cosmetic option is the right choice for you.


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