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No preparation & Ultra thin veneers – Doncaster, Sheffield & Leeds, Yorkshire

March 15, 2009

Many no preparation and ultra thin veneers boast the fact that their veneers are 0.3mm thick. They push a lot of marketing to this fact and ensure you that their products are the only ones that can give these results. This is simply not the case!

Veneers planning, preparation and placement is not an easy process. Where necessary, we’ve been able to produce veneers 0.15mm thick, half the thickness of “no preparation veneers”. How I hear you ask? Easy, it’s not so much about the material, it’s the techniques used, the skill of the dentist and technicians involved in the process. No preparation do have their place but they are grossly overused.

Those who opt for the cheap and easy option will pay several times more money in the long run due to poor cosmetics and mechanics.

Much more information will be made available in the near future via my e-book which I am in the process of writing for anyone considering cosmetics – Mechanical bioaesthetics: Beyond cosmetic dentistry


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