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Fractured Veneers

January 10, 2009

Yes, it can happen! Veneers are not infallible against chewing forces, and if your teeth are worn and you want them veneering to improve your confidence, you may be at an increased risk of the veneers fracturing. A catch 22 situation indeed!

I’ve had advanced level training from Dr Spear in the US and Dr Gurel from Europe, both of whom are at the very forefront of cosmetics and veneers placement, and in particular, prevention of problems.

Many people have veneers done when they ideally require braces or a combination of braces and veneers. Also with dental tourism on the rise, many veneers are made “cheap”, and to further keep costs down standard materials are used to bond the veneers is place. All of these parameters can potentially increase the risk of veneer fracture.

Having been privileged to some of the world’s very best teachers showing me correct methods and techniques, I am a great believer to undertake work to the very highest standards and not to cut corners, therefore greatly enhancing cosmetic outcome and prolonging the life of your beautiful smile.

One thing I promise you is that I genuinely care about your dental health and will provide you with treatment options that are in your interest long term.

If you have fractured veneers, call us to come in for a chat and tell us what’s gone wrong, and we will help guide you in the right direction for long term success


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