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Are no preparation veneers any good and am I suitable for them?

January 10, 2009

“I’ve been told veneer preparations are painful, can I have no prep veneers?”

You’ve been told wrong! VERY wrong! Allow me to lay to rest some spin about veneers.

Veneers do not require a “substantial” amount of tooth preparation, and 95% of cases are prepared without anaesthetic and NO pain. This lie has been put around by some very large companies who want people to believe that veneer preparation is painful. I have a HUGE number of patients who have had veneers prepared completely painlessly.

If a substantial amount of tooth is removal is required, you were not really suitable for veneers to start with.

Another totally incorrect statement is that everyone is suitable for no prep veneers. I do use no prep veneers, but not everyone is suitable for them. The absolute key for all cosmetic cases is exceptional planning and execution of technique whilst using the best materials and technicians available. Many no prep veneer companies claim the reason they can be no prep is because thier porcelain is “very thin”, very often quoting that their veneers can be 0.3mm thin. Well allow me to tell you that this is not thin. I have used world class technicians and together we have produced veneers 0.15mm thin, half the thickness of no prep veneers!

Another problem with no prep veneers is that they are not reversible, the bonding protocol is not reversible, and in this sense they are exactly the same as other veneers.

Another common misconception is that no prep veneers look as good as the veneers we produce at Red Sky at The Fountain Health Clinic, this simply is not true. As the technicians do not have any room to work with the porcelain, the veneers look false and unnatural. Not a problem if you like the false look!

Technicians require 0.5mm of room in order to produce natural results. The technique I use was taught to me by the world’s best dentists in porcelain veneers and results in tooth preparation so minimal that you probably wouldn’t even see the preparations. In fact, many no prep veneers also require “a little preparation”

A further problem with no preparation veneers is that the margins of the veneers cannot be hidden, and they do pick up staining and decay. This results in no preparation veneers to be replaced much more frequently due to poor cosmetics and decay around the margins. The majority of corrective cosmetics I undertake at Red Sky at The Fountain Health Clinic is either due to no preparation veneers or due to dental tourism

You can rest assured that we will only utilise the best techniques (including no preparation where appropriate) to provide you with outstanding, confidence boosting results which will last a long time


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