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Advanced Cosmetics

April 12, 2008

I’ve studied with some dentists from the U.S. who are not only exceptional at what they do, but passionate about what they teach and ensuring that we follow correct principles for excellent results.

Beautiful and natural results are not about veneering every tooth visible in the smile, although that can be the treatment option!  It is about correctly diagnosing the problems and using a deep understanding to achieve the desired results.  This may include a range of treatment from veneers, crowns, whitening to braced or a combination of all of them.

I have many clients ask me about having cosmetic dentistry but do not want to have one of the treatment options I have described above.  This can seriously limit the outcome.  We are here to listen and guide you into quality work without doing things to limit the outcome or seriously damage your teeth.

The smile makeover shows often show veneers and crowns which are done within a few weeks.  This can be possible but it also may store problems for the future.  Sometimes we need to slow things down to ensure long term success.

Whoever you go to see for work, ensure they have a deep understanding and passion for what they do.  Look for quality and please be patient to achieve results that are not only natural but also last a long time

Veneers, crowns, gum recontouring, Invisalign and the Inman aligner are all tools we have which we can use to give you the smile you have always wanted


3 Month Brace, High Speed Braces, Six Month Smiles, Inman aligner & Invisalign

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