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Tension Headaches Treatment

February 26, 2010

Botox for Tension Headaches

Many people who suffer with tension headaches and migraine on a daily basis become desperate to find a cure. The pain can often be debilitating and you may have tried countless numbers of cures which have simply not worked, from medication to natural remedies to “bite appliances”.

There is an increase in the number of bite appliances used, many offered for purchase over the internet without a diagnostic consultation (which is outright dangerous) or supplied by a dentist or oral surgeon. Unfortunately many of these bite appliances are simply incorrect in their mode of action. Simply because one bite guard has not worked does not mean to say the right bite guard won’t work!

Another additional therapy we can offer is the use of botox to help reduce muscle force applied which causes the headaches. There is something else you should know, this treatment should not be the first line of therapy.

Tension headaches and migraine can be treated successfully, you can read more about our treatment of tension headaches here.

We have taken people who suffer with daily headaches and have seen countless professionals over several years and made them pain free in a few short weeks.

Advanced training in headaches gives us sound scientific principles to help you. So if you would like more information on how to get rid of your headaches and get on with your life, call 01302 325678 or email us.


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