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Master your migraines? What a relief!

December 9, 2011








Do you suffer with painful and chronic migraines? They are often triggered without warning and can cause a great deal of distress for those who suffer with the symptoms consistently. You may have begun to give up hope on ever finding a cure – instead relying on a diet of painkillers and plenty of sleep to try and ease the problem.

At Red Sky at The Fountain Health Clinic, Dr Pav Khaira has extensive training in migraine treatments and can help to assess which course of treatment is right for you.  He has seen a variety of patients in his practice, from those who have complained about having morning or ‘tension’ headaches to those with full blown migraines, some of whom have had migraines for years – if not decades. After seeing a doctor or a neurologist, they have often given up all hope of finding a solution.

The causes and symptoms of migraine

As no one really knows the causes of migraines, it can be a tricky topic to approach. However it is generally considered that a sensory overload of the brain plays a huge part in the causation of migraines. The most common complaints with migraines include severe pains, feelings of fatigue, an inability to cope with your personal, social or work life and feeling depressed. It’s not unusual for patients to be on numerous medications or have had brain scans which have come back negative.

Pav’s techniques involve reducing the amount of noxious sensory overload going to the brain and secondly, reducing the intensity of action of the muscles which is commonly associated with migraines and headaches.

Success rate

With these techniques, Pav has attained a success rate of over 90% and now sees patients from all over the country and even internationally. He accepts referrals from all professional colleagues including doctors and neurologists.  Whilst there is no cure for migraines, the treatments can help to reduce their frequency and intensity. However, there will be some level of maintenance required with any migraine management techniques undertaken.

Some patients will see a reduction in symptom frequency and intensity, so that they still get migraines but not as often and nowhere near as bad as they originally were. Whilst others will become completely pain free. In the vast majority of cases, Pav’s patients even end up coming off their medications.

Pav doesn’t recommend the use of medications for migraines as his goal is to get people off them or to significantly reduce their dose.  Patients may have to be referred to other professionals for help in certain cases, as migraine management is an incredibly complicated area. It is not taught at university and therefore is not very well known – it has attracted a high level of scepticism, however Pav believes that his success rate with treatments speaks for itself.  Many of his patients have said how truly life changing Pav’s migraine treatments have been for them and you need only look at his patient’s migraine video testimonials to see how it has helped to change their lives.

For more information, or to book a complimentary consultation with Dr Pav Khaira, please call Red Sky at The Fountain Health Clinic on 01302 325 678.


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