How to ease tension headaches and headache treatments – Doncaster, Leeds & Sheffield, Yorkshire

December 19, 2008

Many people suffer from debilitating tension headaches and migraines. When you wake up in the morning with headaches over the side of your face and over your temples, this is most often caused by clenching and grinding of your teeth while you are asleep.

Headaches can often become part of everyday life and they don’t have to be. A device can be constructed to fit over your front teeth. This device, known as an NTI-tss (nocioceptive trigeminal input tension suppression system) massively reduces the amount of bite force you can apply whilst you are asleep. In essence, is helps you muscles relax. This relaxation is often very quickly followed by reduction in headaches.

If you suffer from headaches or are damaging your teeth through grinding and clenching, call us now on 01302 325678 to find out if we can help


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