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Effective migraine treatment – Guaranteed results or your money back!! See patient video testimonials

June 25, 2010

I used to have migraines.  I used to wake up in the morning feeling totally fatigued.  If I managed to have a sleep in on a weekend, I’d wake up feeling even worse.  I just couldn’t get enough sleep and to top that off I’d wake up with these horrible tension headaches.

About twice a month they’d flare into a full blown migraine.  The kind where I’d just want to go to a quiet room and cut myself off from the world.  Just as with most things like this, they would always come when I had a big meeting, presentation, difficult treatment or just wanted to go out.

Sound familiar?

Now I’ve not had a single migraine for over 18 months.

Sound unfamiliar?  Yes, well you can be pain free too.  I’ve had extensive training in tension headache, migraine and jaw joint treatment over the years.  My first patient was, well, me!

Let me tell you now as a patient; being migraine free has changed my life.  In fact, I don’t even think about migraine any more as it’s such a non issue.  I also feel much more rested and have much more energy.  I’ve helped doctors and even those who have been under the care of specialists and had been hospitalised because of migraine.  If you don’t believe me just click here to see the videos

No more medication be it Topamax, beta blockers or amytriptyline – for those of you on these medications you’ll KNOW how horrid they are.  My problem was that I had been promised so many different reliefs from migraine that never worked.  So how about this for a guarantee:


For further information on migraine, click here or click here for more about symptoms


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