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Botox for Migraine Headaches – Seeing patients from across the UK

July 21, 2010

Have migraines ruined your life?  We’ve seen the impact it can have on peoples lives, from the searing and throbbing pain to the exhaustion that comes with it.  Botox has just recently been in the news as a good treatment for migraine headaches. Is it as good as people say?

The honest answer is that it is not bad.  It can give a pretty good reduction in pain.  The problem with it is that it will wear off after a few months and you’re back to square one with the pain and nausea.

So when is it useful?  That’s an easy question to answer, when used along side other methods it can help with the most severe cases.  There are other treatment methods available which can give a significantly better result than Botox, and all without the injections.  We have been using Botox alongside other methods of treatment for the most severe sufferers and have found it to be most effective in this method.  To learn more about our migraine treatments click here

Our migraine treatments are SO effective that we even offer a money back guarantee on them, and we don’t think you’ll find many people saying that for other forms of treatment.  With the most powerful medications available, patients tend to experience a 23% reduction in symptoms.  Our treatments can give an 80% reduction in symptoms in 6 weeks or less, all without the need for medication or injections

If you or a loved one have decided you want to do something about your migraines then call us now on 01302 325678 to find out more


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