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Laugh your teeth to their white, bright and sparkly best!

March 16, 2012


Do you ever look at someone’s smile and wish you could laugh along with it? Is something holding you back?  Don’t let it get to you. You too can have the beautiful pearly whites that you deserve thanks to teeth whitening.

A common dental procedure, teeth whitening can make your teeth look fantastic and is completely safe when carried out legally and safely by a qualified dentist or a member of the dental team who has received appropriate training.

At the Red Sky at The Fountain Health Clinic, we offer a number of tooth whitening procedures which can take you to a gorgeous white, dazzling smile or simply brighten them up a little to improve their colour.

Tooth whitening can help to treat a range of staining and discolouration problems and thanks to advanced techniques, even the most stubborn teeth which were historically thought to be impossible to whiten can now be whitened thanks to these advances in technology.

The tooth whitening procedure

We don’t do whitening quickly, we do it safely. You need to be patient and persistent, but the results for both your teeth and confidence are totally worth it.

Using a revolutionary deep tooth bleaching system, we can remove dark stains from teeth which are heavily stained by coffee, tea, wine or tobacco. The procedure is relatively painless and although some mild sensitivity is normal, you can go back to your normal lifestyle within a few days of finishing the procedure.  

How long do the effects last

The effects of tooth whitening generally last for around 18 months. With advanced techniques you can maintain your whiteness at home and very effectively too, especially if you have a good oral hygiene routine and take good care of your teeth.

The good news is you can either get natural results or a dazzling bright smile, depending on your preference. But the results will be all yours and you won’t have to worry about it looking too white or obvious, for example having your teeth look like Simon Cowell!

We have a lot of control over the tooth whitening procedure we have in place and we can easily stop whitening the teeth when you are happy with the level of whiteness your teeth have reached.  If your teeth are less than white, laugh it off – your bright whites are only a phone call away.

So if you’re looking to have your teeth whitened, why not give us a call on 01302 325 678 to see if we can help? One of our friendly members of staff is waiting to take your call.


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