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What is Sedation dentistry ?

If you’re reading this, you’re interested in looking after your oral health, yet the thought of dentistry makes you nervous and possibly even feel illWhat would it feel like to be able to have all of your work done and not remember any of it? It is possible with sedation dentistry.

Sedation will put you into a dreamlike state and make you feel very relaxed whilst you have your treatment. This means no stress as you achieve your dream smile.

Sedation dentistry is ideal for those who are anxious or even phobic about having treatment done. Ignoring problems will only let them get worse over time, so it makes sense to find a good option to look after yourself now before you lose your teeth.

Dr Hussain has followed the advised training pathways and mentoring as set out by SAAD (Society for the Advancement of Anaesthesia in Dentistry) to ensure he can give you a safe and effective experience

Sedation dentistry has many great benefits for sufferers of dental phobia:

  • It allows you to visit us without any pre-visit nerves and allows the us to complete your treatment in fewer visits than we would normally be able to do so.
  • Many kinds of dental treatments can use sedation dentistry, allowing those with different types of dental phobia to relax and not have to suffer the usual apprehension which they experience when visiting the dentist.
  • It is particularly useful for those who suffer from dental phobia and who are undergoing complicated or extensive treatment.
  • Patients that have conditions which make controlling their body movements difficult such as gag reflexes that make controlling their mouth stressful will also benefit from sedation dentistry and the physical and mental relaxation that it gives you.
  • The medication used in sedation also stops you from forming short term memories, this means you won’t remember much of anything at all!

It is important for you to remember that sedation does not simply mean put to sleep. Sedation techniques will make you feel drowsy, but are different from general anaesthesia, which puts you into a deep state of sleep, and has side effects which may last for hours after the procedure.

Sedation dentistry allows our cosmetic dentist to complete a course of treatment much more quickly than they normally would be able to. Sedation dentistry techniques can be applied when performing treatments such as porcelain dental veneers, dental implants, dental makeovers and much more. Therefore patients who have conditions that require many trips to the dentist receive great benefit from sedation dentistry as it cuts the amount of time and effort they spend in receiving their treatment.

Whilst sedation dentistry is a fantastic solution for many sufferers, not everybody suitable for it. Some patients may find that it is not the actual dental treatment that they are scared of, but the dentist themselves, and using sedation is unlikely to help alleviate this fear. For this reason we have made the surroundings very relaxing and comfortable to help you overcome this anxiety.

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