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Dental Implants

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Dental Implants and Implant Dentistry for Doncaster, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, and Leeds.

Using advanced implant dentistry techniques, we have placed hundreds of dental implants for Doncaster residents and Sheffield, Leeds-area patients.

The Dental Implant Procedure

Do you have one or more missing teeth? How about a denture which you have absolutely no control over and feels like its dancing around as you eat and speak?

We see so many people who come in who are having problems with missing teeth. This can range from one missing tooth to a full set of missing teeth, and the consequences tend to be significant!Whether you have a gap which shows as a black space when you smile, a number of missing teeth which makes eating more difficult or all of your teeth missing which can make eating anything more than soup a near impossibility! We have a perfect solution for you.If you’re fed up of that space, or that lump of plastic denture, or those full dentures which are as useful as not even having a set at all, keep reading.

How would you like to have something which is permanently fixed in your mouth, which you brush and floss around as you would your natural teeth? How would you like to have something which is so rock solid that you can go to your favourite restaurant and order your favourite meal, rather than just smell it and wonder how good it might taste?

You may think Im being over dramatic here. I can assure you, these problems are real, and more frequent than you might think.You dont even have to take my word for it, you can see videos below of people who have had missing teeth replaced using implants.

So why should I consider dental implants?

Quite simply, they are the closest thing to having your natural teeth back in terms of function, and cause no damage to your remaining teeth.Dental bridges damage the adjacent teeth, and if they eventually fail may result in the support teeth needing to be removed. This means if you have a one tooth problem, this may turn into a 3 tooth problem in time. Thats false economy!Dentures can also be used, but studies have shown that the likelihood of problems (in one form or another) is around 92%!! In addition to this, the maximum bite force you can apply with dentures is 8% which reduces over time. The means you WILL have to limit your diet. Steak, crunchy veg and fruit, sandwiches etc will be off the menu. Good news if you like soup and mashed potato!Dental implants do not damage adjacent teeth and can give you 100% of you full chewing power. It is for these reasons that implants are considered gold standard when it comes to replacing teeth.

I’m nervous about having an implant placed!!

It’s perfectly normal to feel nervous about implants. It is for this reason we can offer sedation. This is a FANTASTIC way to help melt away your anxieties. Our patients who have sedation usually don’t even remember the procedure.This means you can have the smile and chewing power you want whilst being perfectly relaxed during your appointment.

I’ve been told I’m not suitable for implants

We hear this a lot! That is exactly why we have some very advanced solutions to overcome most problems. We also use highly reputable implant companies and world class technicians who bespoke finish your work to our uncompromising standards. What this means is that there will be no corners cut on your work to ensure everything lasts as long as possible. If you’re looking for the cheapest, were not for you! If you’re looking for a team dedicated to giving you the very best solutions they possibly can, give us a call.

Ive had teeth missing a long time, can you still help?

Absolutely!! We have seen patients who have been without teeth for decades and been able to help them. You can read more here

What do I need to do?

The best way to find out whether implants are right for you is to phone and arrange a time to meet me and my team. I can see what condition your mouth and gums are in, explain your options and exactly how Ill do the implants. Naturally Ill tell you the costs involved and then you can decide what you want to do you wont be put under any pressure. Rest assured, you’ll feel relaxed comfortable and confident.

Why implant dentistry is so effective

Because they are anchored to the jawbone, as opposed to the teeth around them, dental implants can be expected to last 30 years or more. Also, dental implants maintain the spacing between the natural teeth – when a tooth is missing, the surrounding teeth shift toward the gap. Dr. Ibrahim Hussain not only has extensive training and experience in implant dentistry but teaches other dentists how to place dental implants, and his dental clinic in Doncaster, South Yorkshire has had great success with these durable replacements.

Find out more about Dental Implants

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