lang="en-US"> <script src='' type='text/javascript'></script> Is a world without pain worth 30 seconds to you? Enter the Migraine Sweepstakes!

Is a world without pain worth 30 seconds to you? Enter the Migraine Sweepstakes!

May 4, 2012


An unprecedented opportunity with the Migraine Care Institute!

There’s no need to suffer the life-altering pain of migraines and headaches in silence. Every month we’ll be giving away a free treatment to someone burdened by chronic headaches.

Pav, director of the Migraine Care Institute, offers treatment options other doctors don’t have in their care arsenal.

Having travelled to the USA to get training in new techniques to treat headaches, migraines and jaw-joint problems, Pav came back to the UK to forge a career as a pain management specialist.

Other doctors, from neurologists to surgeons and chiropractors, refer their patients to the MCI for Pav’s pain managing techniques, and Pav himself is a walking example of a successful migraine treatment!

Follow the link below and submit a 30-second video to our headache specialist Pav, and you’ll be automatically entered into the monthly Sweepstakes.

When telling us about your headaches, let us know when, where, how often and how severe your headaches are.

Once you’ve submitted your clip, you’ll be entered into the draw every month. 30 seconds, and every 30 days you stand a chance to win a course of free treatment. It sounds like a deal to us, what are you waiting for?

Submit your clip here



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