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How We Can Help

Migraines, Headaches, Chronic Pain & Jaw Problems

The misery of chronic pain can only be truly understood by those who have suffered themselves.  Dr Hussain has suffered with migraines and jaw joint problems and understands how these can just ruin every aspect of your life.  Whether it’s interfering with work life or making home life unbearable.

Chronic pain can never be resolved, but there are incredibly effective ways to manage the pain.  Imagine a life where you can do what you want socially and professionally with minimal impact from migraines, headaches and chronic pain.  This is the reality for many of our patients who have found freedom from chronic pain.

It’s very common for people to see numerous doctors and specialists and get little pain relief.  Our scientific protocol is different to how medical doctors treat and we can often help either reduce the pain or help prevent it getting worse.  You must understand that pain management is often difficult and is not a ‘fix’, rather a journey that we both take together in order to manage your symptoms as much as possible.  Sometimes this is complete elimination of pain and other times it’s a matter of making you as comfortable as we possibly can.  You will have good spells and bad spells, and through it all you will have our support.

Our goal is to focus on your wellbeing and to use advanced techniques, taught to Dr Hussain to deliver the very best care we can.  This is true for migraines, headaches, chronic pain in the shoulders, neck and face area as well as management of jaw joint problems.

To find out more, you can call us on 01302 533635 to book a complimentary consultation with our treatment coordinator.

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