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Jaw Joint (TMJ)

Clicking and aching jaw joints are a problem to many people. The symptoms can range from anything between an annoying click to severe, chronic pain which interferes with your life.

The jaw joint, technically called the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), is complex in that both sides are connected. So, any problems in one side can have a knock on effect to the other side. There are a range of symptoms which can arise from a problem with your jaw joint and these can be:

  • Clicking in one or both jaw joints
  • Locked jaw
  • Limited opening
  • Pain from the joint or just in front of the ear
  • Pain when chewing foods
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Muscle spasms around the joint
  • No symptoms whatsoever

What causes jaw joint problems?

These problems can be degenerative, but given the complexity of the jaw joint are often mild and give no major symptoms and many people are unaware of this. If you suffer with discomfort, locking jaw joints or other problems then you would benefit from seeking advice and treatment

What are the treatment options for a jaw joint problem?

Historically, the treatment has been the use of painkillers and sticking to a soft diet for a few weeks whilst the symptoms settle. Unfortunately this is not effective and does not stabilise the joint or reduce the heavy forces applied to it. Bite guards can also be made to help the proble, it is crucially important to make sure the right type of bite appliance is made. The wrong bite appliance can make the problems worse or even accelerate the degeneration! Similarly extensive and invasive procedures have been suggested, such as surgery, which often have limited effect. Dr Hussain has been trained in different philosophies for the treatment of jaw joint problems to ensure the very best treatment for you and has an excellent success rate.

So what is our treatment philosophy?

Latest research from the US shows that in many cases, the discomfort can be controlled and the degeneration slowed. Our treatment philosophy is based upon accurate diagnosis and the use of bite appliances to balance and stabilise the joint or reduce the forces applied to the jaw joint. This type of treatment can be extremely effective and has helped many of our patients already.

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