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Migraine Symptoms

Dr Hussain’s philosophy on migraine and headache management.

Do you suffer from regular headaches that impact your life? Are you so used to the chronic pain that it’s always there in the background and you force yourself to do your daily tasks?

Migraines and tension headaches effect people in a variety of different ways, often people suffering from migraines and tension headaches don’t even recognise the symptoms.

Symptoms can include severe headaches with triggers such as certain sounds of smells, throbbing type headaches, sensitivity to light, sinus pain lasting up to 1 week (this is often confused with recurring sinus infections).

Many migraine sufferers rely on medications to keep the problems under control. The problem being that powerful drugs are often used as tranquilisers to mask the pain but not to treat the root of the problem.

So what does a dentist know about migraine and tension headache treatment? The answer is, “everything that your GP and neurosurgeon doesn’t!”. There are numerous factors involved in triggering migraines; one of the most common triggers can be tooth grinding and tooth clenching whilst you are asleep. This can overload the sensory receptor of the brain which also controls all sensations involved with migraine. This overload causes the migraines to become more frequent and more severe.

If you imagine when you wake up in the morning and rate how good you feel on a scale of 0-10, with 0 being fantastic and fully rested and 10 being the worst pain you can imagine above your shoulders, your answer should always be 0.

You can also take the Headache Impact Test (or HIT-6) to understand more clearly how your headaches are impacting on your daily routine at the bottom of this page

Here’s the science bit for those who are interested, there are 4 phases of sleep and EVERYONE has to go to phase 4 sleep in order to feel regenerated and rested. Those who clench and grind their teeth rarely enter phase 4 sleep and generally fluctuate between phase 2-3. These are the same people who cannot have a lie in as they feel even worse when they wake up. That’s because these people spend even longer clenching and grinding their teeth and staying in phase 2-3 sleep, overloading their muscles with noxious chemicals which results in them waking fatigued.

If you have any number of these migraine and tension headache symptoms, or have been medically diagnosed then you may be interested in how we can make you pain free without the use of medications. There are many claims to different ways of reducing migraines based symptoms and pain, unfortunately many are misguided in their science. You can rest assured that Dr. Ibrahim Husssain has had training from some of the best dentists who practice exclusively in migraine, tension headache and facial pains. We work alongside your GP and specialist to give you the very best treatment possible.

If you have additional questions or would like to schedule a consultation with migraine and tension headache dentist Dr. Ibrahim Hussain please call 01302 533 635 or email us.

GP’s and specialists who would like to refer someone to Dr Hussain for an assessment may do so by visiting our referral page.


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