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November 4, 2011

Clicking jaw joints are annoying, right?!

Imagine that you’re sat at a table and about to enjoy a meal, you’re enjoying wonderful conversation and as your meal arrives, the room turns silent. You’re all about to take your first mouthful and you become acutely aware that every time you chew, CRACK!!!

Most people who come to see us are quite embarrassed about this problem, and want to know whats going on.

Popping and clicking is actually quite common, and it indicates a potential degenerative problem. Over time, overloaded jaw joints can show signs of wear and tear. This sometimes comes in the form of a ‘grating’ feeling in the jaw joint, which has the potential to turn into an occasional or frequent click. When this occurs, it tells us that the cartilage which normally sits above the jaw joint and cushions the force has fallen off the jaw joint. This may be problematic as the cartilage is the what protects the jaw joint from your bite forces.

Many people can sympathise that when these problems occur, you also can get pain from your jaw joint and ear after losing the protection against bite forces. This pain can become chronic, and drive many to tears.

Although joint degredation is not guaranteed, protecting the jaw joint at an early stage massively reduces this risk and can help protect the jaw joint from future problems.

Whether you have occasional clicks or frequent clicks and locks with pain, we can help. Dr Khaira accepts referrals from other professionals to help with jaw joint problems, and lectures nationally on pain management and jaw joint problems. To find out how he can help reduce your pain and prevent further problems developing, call us on 01302 325678


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