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Gingivitis, bleeding gums and crooked teeth. How Invisalign can help

July 3, 2013

I believe with such a passion that everyone should have the most incredible confidence in their smile, and that everyone should be able to maintain their teeth for a lifetime.

We always give the very best guidance we possibly can for you to attain these goals whilst being ultra conservative as to how we achieve these results for you.

You suffer with bleeding gums, which is a sign of gum disease in one form or another.  What you may not realise is that very frequently one of the main problems which can cause this may be outside of your control.  What do I mean?  Well, if your teeth are crooked and you can’t clean around them properly, it will very likely cause these types of problems.  This is genetics, not your fault!

You may wish to consider straightening your teeth, not necessarily for confidence rather to make sure your gums are as healthy as possible

If you ever want advice from us about how to optimise your oral health just let us know, we’re here to guide you


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