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Why I Do What I Do……

February 28, 2008

I often get asked why I decorate the way I do, why I practice the way I do, why I only buy the very best materials.

The answer is easy, I look after you the way I would want to be looked after myself.  There are many people out there who will go to see the dentist because they know they have to.   That got me thinking, there are certain things we have to do.  What if I could do these things and actually enjoy doing it?  Like visiting the dentist?!

Fresh tea &amp; coffee, snacks, wine (within reason!), fresh baked bread to get rid of the smell.  All designed to make your visit more comfortable.

The whole point is to be different and to make everything as comfortable as can be.  To provide the highest quality dentistry I possibly can without compromise.

In order to provide the highest quality, I continually educate myself on courses both here and in the States.  I really enjoy these courses and put what I learn into practice.

Its all about looking after you


3 Month Brace, High Speed Braces, Six Month Smiles, Inman aligner & Invisalign

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