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Polish up on dental hygiene!

November 24, 2011









Are your teeth sparkling clean? You may think they are in good condition, but to truly have healthy teeth you need to come for a regular dental clean to check on your teeth and to ensure they are in top condition. It’s important because tartar always builds up, even with impeccable cleaning and it can only be removed professionally with the aid of a scale and polish.

There are many benefits to having a regular dental clean and these include keeping your mouth healthy, preventing gum disease which is also linked to mouth cancer, strokes, heart disease, diabetes and much more.  Studies have found links with bacteria in the mouth getting into the bloodstream and causing gum disease which can lead to health problems elsewhere.

At Red Sky at The Fountain Health Clinic, we don’t just offer a ‘basic hygienist’s clean’. Instead we provide specially design protocols which are tailor made to suit each individual and to help give them the absolute best results.  Some of the treatments we have for cases of advanced gum disease include laser gum treatment which has even impressed gum specialists with its results. The treatment also helps patients to heal much faster and gives very stable results in the long term

Good Oral Hygiene and Disease Prevention

Maintaining good oral hygiene is vital for healthy teeth.  An electric toothbrush comes highly recommended from Dr Pav Khaira and in particular, the Sonicare, which he loves. It is recommended that you clean between your teeth effectively and both Pav and Emma and Kay who form the dental therapy team can demonstrate how to do this.

To prevent gum disease, it’s vital that you come for regular dental visits and cleaning between your teeth daily will also have a huge impact in reducing the amount of plaque developing in the mouth.  After a dental clean, there shouldn’t be much to worry about if your gums are healthy, but if they’re highly infected then they may become sore for a few days and more likely to shrink a little as they heal.

Advanced Gum Disease

If gum disease is advanced, then it’s recommended that special gum cleaning is performed with the support of a laser. It is really more about management of the teeth and mouth, as gum disease, is never ‘cured’, but should be managed long term.


When carried out correctly then in many cases, the results of the hygienists’ clean can be pretty jaw dropping.

What’s more – good dental hygiene is but a phone call away. To find out more or to book a consultation for a dental clean please call 01302 325 678 where one of our friendly team of dental hygienists at the Red Sky at The Fountain Health Clinic will be happy to help.





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