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Natural looking dentures – Doncaster, Leeds & Sheffield, Yorkshire

December 17, 2008

I often get asked what can be done to produce more comfortable, more stable and more natural looking dentures. The answer is, quite a lot!

There are many factors which influence fit, function and cosmetics of dentures. We are proud to be able to offer you BPS and Gerber dentures. Both of these types of dentures have a very specific construction technique, and can make vast improvements on fit of dentures.

Whether you want white and straight teeth setting up on our denture or a more natural looking set up, we can arrange that for you. Some even requests fillings in the back teeth for an even more natural appearance, all of which can be done for you!

Dentures are designed to last 5-6 years before they need replacing. After this time, the denture base will no longer fit to your gums, even though the dentures themselves may be comfortable, they will be like a very old pair of shoes; comfortable but not doing you any good!

To find out how we can help or to discuss different denture types, feel free to call us on 01302 325678

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