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Gum Disease Therapy

February 24, 2008

Gum disease is a nasty disease.  It dissolves bone, causes bad breath, can cause abscesses and result in long term tooth loss.  And it can do it without giving you any pain!

Having done extensive  training, I was not happy with the level of treatment that was considered acceptable.  A long term study has shown that those with gum disease are between 45-95 times more likely to loose their teeth long term.  The nature of the disease is also more complicated than what we previously thought.

Due to the high risk and aggressive nature of the disease, the quality of our treatment has been reviewed and increased significantly.  The disease is cyclic in nature, so you will have “flare ups” from time to time.  It is important that a high level of care is sustained otherwise the disease will continue to progress.

Many clients ask me to “cure them”, it is important that people are aware of the nature of the disease.  It is UNCURABLE.  All we can do is slow it down, and in the best case that means to all intents and purposes that the disease has stopped.  Nothing we do will work if your home care is not excellent.

Thinking of it that way, we actually help YOU take control of the disease!

The philosophy being (you will probably notice this philosophy running through all of my treatment plans) is to provide the highest quality care, without compromise.


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