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Tooth loss and sunken cheeks

July 20, 2013

We aim to give you the best care we can.  Part of that is genuinely listening to your cconcerns

I hear on a regular basis how losing teeth can cause loss of confidence not only in the ability to chew, but on other aspects too

Losing teeth in your top jaw can lead to sunken cheeks and a rapidly ageing look.  Not only does the tooth loss result is lack of support of your cheeks, but as you age natural volume is lost from your cheeks too.  It’s a double whammy

It’s one of the reasons I look at everything as a whole when it comes to your concerns. As well as replacing lost teeth to support your cheeks, we can also volumise your cheeks to return your facial harmony back to normal

I aim to make sure that your confidence is returned as much as possible, which means looking after you as a person in order to achieve your goals


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